Kinsella Agrees With Me

I had argued here that the campaign themes used by all except the Ontario Liberal Party were off the mark. People, in uncertain economic times, don’t vote for change. They don’t vote for a party with a poor reputation in Ontario for running things (fai…

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Polls, polls, polls. The last ones are out for the Ontario election, and predictions range from a Hudak technical win giving way to a likely Liberal minority, to a Liberal majority.Don’t look at me.For posterity, here they are: Source Liberal P…

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My predictions

I know others have slaved over predictions models. Grats for your work. I just wait until the end, and then guess. Here’s my prediction:

CPC 130
NDP 93
LPC 63
BQ 20
Ind 1
I have the Conservatives at 130 because I refuse to give them a bu…

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