A Quick Read Regarding The Toronto Sun

Perusing The Toronto Sun’s online front page (yes, it happens), I was struck by what the creators of that site consider to be important information for its readers.

I call them readers, but The Toronto Sun seem to barely consider them capable.

As you hover over the tabloid images, a popup image appears giving you one of two essential pieces of advice: Either it’s a video, or, as shown to the side here, a Quick Read.

I looked over every image. None were advertised as a long read, or an intermediate one.

Quick is a virtue, and, apparently, a necessary enticement for The Sun’s readers.

I know. I know. The Sun’s readers are all hard-working conservatives with no time for petty things like details. Eventually, The Toronto Sun may get rid of text altogether and just post pictures accompanied by your expected emotions. ‘Good!’ ‘Bad!’ ‘Be angry!’ ‘Bizare!’