My Optimistic Debate Analysis

I didn’t watch the debate. I couldn’t. I happily lack cable. I don’t have an antenna attached. And if I did. it couldn’t pick up the new digital broadcasts if I tried as I lack the gadget. Anyway, I had better things to do.

I was enjoying a fine steak dinner bought by a friend for my birthday.

I didn’t think of the debate once.

What a wonderous birthday gift that was!

(I have happily discovered the joys of borrowing DVDs from the library, BTW. The downside is I’m waiting ages for Buffy Season Two to show up. Everyone has it on hold!)

I hate debates. So much do they drive me crazy, that if I were to watch, my television would implode (it’s a tube set) under the onslaught of cutlery, plates, books and whatnot thrown at it. And for what? My analysis of ‘who won’ is useless. As a political watcher and former PR hack, I know far too much, and am far too cynical, to be caught by turns of phrases, or statistical tricks. My view doesn’t reflect the public will at all.

So, then, what of John and Jane Public? What did they think?

Watch for the next set of reliable post-debate day polls, and then you’ll know (not this one — it’s an online poll). Maybe. You won’t know if it’ll last, though, assuming there’s any significant movement in the polls at all.

If you insist on figuring it out, don’t read newspapers, watch television. If the talking heads say no one won, then the public will likely agree.

Heack. Don’t bother. Wait for the polls.

And, why care? If your leader ‘lost’ — assuming your leader was even in it — what are you going to do about it anyway?

Okay, fine. I’ll give you my optismistic take.

McGuinty won.

I can tell because he isn’t being stoned to death this morning.

I’m sure this is a frustrating election for conservatives and dippers. There’s all this ammo, and McGuinty should be long dead from the gunfire. eHealth! Taxation! Debt! But, he keeps on going. It’s like he’s a zombie. Or Harper. LOL.