Meanwhile, Federally, the Shenanigans Continue

Want to learn more about the Auditor General’s investigations into the Harper Government’s military cost overruns? The Harper Government’s former do-nothing ‘integrity’ commissioner’s half-million dollar severance package? The Harper Government’s mismanaged renovations on Parliament Hill?

Too bad.

The Harper Government *majority* on the public accounts committee forced the committee to go in-camera, and voted to not review those reports. How convenient. As a result, opposition members can’t even comment on what was discussed.

Yes, we can read those reports, but Parliament will be acting on them, as the committee won’t. How convenient.

Federally, transparency and accountability is getting worse and worse. The Harper Government figures the less we know, the less we will criticize.

We know the result. As we’ve already seen with gravy train gazebo Clement, jet-setter MacKay, and gold-embossed Baird, the Harper Government is very capable of the worse of excesses.

The more we tolerate this secrecy, the worse it will become.

Oh, as you may have noticed, I am constantly calling this government The Harper Government, just as his Prime Ministerialness likes it.

Might as well make him wear it.