Preserving Judeo-Christian Values in Canadian Society

Bearing false witness is apparently not much of a Judeo-Christian value these days.

Check this out:

“Naked in a bed in a brothel with a young Asian woman.” Well, that’s not in the story linked to. He was in the bed, she wasn’t. And it was “suspected” of being a “bawdy house.” Not the same as *being* a “brothel.” Layton was questioned, but not charged. There wasn’t anything to charge him over.

So, if you go to the wrong place to get a massage — I see them all over and have no idea which is good and which isn’t — and the police come in, that’s it, your public career is over?

This is Conservative endgame crap all over again. Remember Goodale and the baseless RCMP investigation announced at the end of the 2006 election? “Senate seat” Duffy releasing the tapes against Dion? Same thing.

I note that the NDP considers the story malicious. People need to be more cautious about what they write.