Funding Anti-Green Sock Puppets

Not all unions are in McGuinty’s pocket. The Ontario Power Workers’ Union (UPW) has bankrolled a campaign agaisnt McGuinty fighting the Green Energy Act.

More and more, marketing companies are using social media to promote their clients. UPW is pushing for power produced using coal and nuclear by, in part, seeding conversations in social media.

The marketing company in question is M THIRTY. Read the link above if the details and ethics interests you. I’m not getting into it.

Except to point out that one of the bloggers M THIRTY uses seems to be on the Progressive Bloggers blogroll.

Rather, I just wanted to point out that anti-green groups like Wind Concerns Ontario likely don’t exist without similar backing. They say differently, or appear to.

Note: As I write this quick note, I see that BCL has written more, and has included the same suspicions as mine, fleshed out in detail.