Warren Kinsella: From February: ten reasons why Doug Ford can win

When I quit the Olivia Chow Toronto mayoral campaign in 2014 – because she’d not told the truth to the media, among other things – guess who was the first person to call me? Doug Ford. “Warren, old buddy,” said Doug Ford, brother of former Toronto mayor, the late Rob Ford. “We’ve had our differences ...

Warren Kinsella: I got tired of waiting for PCPO leadership results

So I tweeted stuff. Pro tips, PC friends: If voters see that you can’t run your own house, they won’t let you run the province If you need media coverage, and all opposition parties do, messing up your leadership convention’s media coverage is a really bad idea If you think the networks won’t pull the ...

Warren Kinsella: Kinsellacast: the Spin Twins™ on tomorrow’s PC vote!


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Warren Kinsella: This is brutal. Just brutal.

And the photo. Haven’t seen that before. Link here.

Warren Kinsella: In which I praise Trudeau and Trump

Cartoon @ the amazing de Adder. Historic. I have been critical of Justin Trudeau for (a) sucking up to Donald Trump and (b) getting nothing in return. But credit where credit’s due: yesterday, Trudeau got a temporary exemption from Trump’s insane steel and aluminum tariffs. But. The key word there is “temporary.” As I say ...

Warren Kinsella: Not a coincidence

The #ONPCs are picking a leader on the same day we lose time. Discuss. #onpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 9, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Next week at U of A and U of C’s Faculties of Law!

Join us on March 15 for the 2018 Merv Leitch, QC Memorial Lecture with @kinsellawarren, LLB'87! pic.twitter.com/FCX8jGYyyw — UCalgary Law (@UCalgaryLaw) March 8, 2018

Warren Kinsella: It’s the Official Daisy Group #ONPCldr #PCPOldr Pool™️!

Warren Kinsella: Some wonder why the U of C’s Faculty of Law hired me to teach communications

…wonder no more.  I’m going to use this for years to come. Jaspal Atwal's lawyer gets into heated exchange with Global News reporter over lack of answers from convicted former Sikh extremisthttps://t.co/0HB3f4sGPZ pic.twitter.com/k8xCKd5s9I — Globalnews.ca (@globalnews) March 8, 2018

Warren Kinsella: All this talk of delaying the PC leadership vote reminds me of something

Oh, wait.  I know what it is. Arguing that computer errors have disenfranchised huge numbers of Conservatives, Belinda Stronach’s campaign chief said Wednesday that the party’s leadership vote should be postponed until the membership list mess is sorted out. “These list problems will deprive up to tens of thousands of members of their votes for the first ...

Warren Kinsella: Angus Reid Poll: PCs would win (big) with Elliott

These results are consistent with what John Wright’s DART came up with yesterday, as seen here. Useful chart: Key findings summarized: The chaos and scandal that have rocked the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario over the last six weeks appears to have done little damage to the party’s electoral fortunes, but a new public opinion ...

Warren Kinsella: My IWD posterperson(s)

For #IWD2018, I give you the extraordinary woman (and proud grandmother) who has fundamentally changed me.

Warren Kinsella: Dart and Newstalk 1010 Ontario politics shocker poll: it had better be one Hell of a March 28 budget

…because they are seriously running out of runway.  Wow. This poll is a shocker, from respected pollster John Wright and the good folks at 1010: Despite Leadership Contest Tumult, Preference is for Ontario PC’s (44%) to Govern, NDP (24%), Liberal Party (19%), “Other” (13%)  Eight in 10 (81%) Ontarians believe it’s time for another provincial ...

Warren Kinsella: Kevin J. Johnston’s hate tour – let’s cancel it

Late yesterday, I was sent this: The piece of human garbage pictured, on the right, is Kevin J. Johnson. (That’s a swastika on his poster, to the left.)  Lately, he’s been showing up at Doug Ford events. Johnston was charged in July with wilful promotion of hatred, mostly against Muslims.  A condition of his bail ...

Warren Kinsella: Ontario Election Watch, right here, gratis

[By one of my smart Daisy colleagues.] As of Tuesday, March 6th in Ontario: Writ drops in 64 days! Wednesday, May 9th Election is 13 weeks and 2 days away 93 days! Ontario’s provincial election is set for Thursday, June 7th, 2018 There are 124 electoral districts in Ontario in 2018 Up from 107 in ...

Warren Kinsella: SFH: come hang out with us and win

Look, none of us are as young as we used to be. We don’t hang out in noisy, seedy bars like we used to. We go to bed earlier than we used to. We worry about getting stabbed in a booze-fuelled argument. SFH gets that. We’re old too. As Maximum Rock’n’Roll and others have noted, ...

Warren Kinsella: Kinsellacast: Bald-faced Spin™!

…ran out of time at the end there. We’ll get it right next time.

Warren Kinsella: KINSELLACAST: Bald-faced spin!

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Warren Kinsella: Column: Justin – enough, already

Dear Justin: You don’t mind if we call you Justin, do you? In other circumstances, we’d call you “Prime Minister,” but – to be perfectly candid – your Indian family vacation wasn’t terribly Prime Ministerial. The complications arising from that trip continue to be felt, too. On Wednesday morning of last week – on what ...

Warren Kinsella: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – help!

Me and Lisa have tickets for OMD – I’ve loved them from the days they’d open for Joy Division – next Tuesday night.  But we can’t now make it.  Anyone got tickets for Monday night they want to switch? I’m a big JKoan of Arc fan, too (I’ve worn her around my neck for about ...

Scripturient: Those we lost in 2017

It’s not just because I’m older that I am reading more of the obituaries than ever in my past. At least, I don’t think so. I seldom read local newspaper obituaries (in part because the delivery here is too sporadic to make it a habit), and I don’t regularly share death notices on social media ...

Warren Kinsella: Shame

Islamophobe and white suprenacist Kevin J. Johnston – who has been charged with hate crimes – in the front row at a Doug Ford event. Denounce and renounce him, Doug. Because this is turning into a big problem.

Warren Kinsella: What to do when a hatemonger says he supports you

Simple. You reject his support. And then you denounce him the clearest terms. To put a fine point on it: Kevin J. Johnston is a notorious Muslim-hating bigot who has been charged with hate crimes. Doug Ford must denounce him and reject his support – now. More about Johnston’s hate charges here. Doug Ford needs ...

Warren Kinsella: My friend Iqtidar Awan

So, I decided to go get a bite in my old law school stomping grounds, on the West side of McMahon Stadium. I walked. It was pretty cold, and there was tons of snow everywhere. After I ate, I decided to grab a cab to get back to the university. A Checker cab pulled up ...