Warren Kinsella: Onward, with Hillary

Just got this: Warren — Over the last few months, we’ve seen something remarkable: From the Women’s March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before. I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every ...

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: the politics of resentment

The guests at the event at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, just down University Avenue from the barricaded U.S. Consulate, were buzzing. Not about Christy Clark’s extraordinary comeback win in BC, so much, or the restive Ontario Liberal caucus. About Donald Trump, naturally. That’s all anyone talks about at political gatherings, these days. Trump, Trump, ...

Warren Kinsella: X: Recipe for Hate coming soon!

Recipe For Hate is @kinsellawarren's upcoming YA novel about how a group of punks from Maine defeated a gang of neo-Nazis. #RecipeForHate pic.twitter.com/uRJQMdYbRx — Dundurn (@dundurnpress) May 15, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Why Trump’s voters stay with him

In HuffPo. Here.

Warren Kinsella: I’m going to be a grandfather

It’s true. Me. A grandfather.  Am I struggling with this? I am struggling with this.  Not because Eldest Daughter isn’t a positive, smiling, energetic, family-focussed force of nature. Not because she isn’t married to a wonderful, hard-working, decent and faithful Irish boy. She is, and he is. They are going to be the best parents ...

Warren Kinsella: RIP, Freddy Pompeii

Freddy Pompeii of the Viletones died last night. RIP. Here’s SFH paying tribute to his band.

Warren Kinsella: Spotted at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon

…by my pal Andy Gregg. Cool. 

Warren Kinsella: The Mighty Finn’s leap of faith, to Ludwig Von

This little video has been seen hundreds of times by folks.  We hear more about Finn than anything else, these days. So, naturally, I decided to add Beethoven (the glorious Ninth) to his now-famous leap.  It’s Friday, after all.

Warren Kinsella: Donald Trump is a liar, a criminal, and a danger to all of us

…everyone who is sane knows that.  He is a draft dodger.  He is a racist.  He sexually assaults women and brags about it.  He violated the Cuba embargo. He has long been linked to organized crime. He condones violence against those who disagree with him.  He’s had multiple bankruptcies.  His ex-wife says he raped her, ...

Warren Kinsella: When 25 per cent isn’t

It’s difficult to understate the political importance of the Ontario government’s 25 per cent hydro rate cut: all of the chips are riding on it, pretty much.  Youth pharmacare and free tuition are terrific, but they’re aimed at a demographic who don’t vote.  The hydro rate cut, ipso facto, is the sine qua non.  If ...

Warren Kinsella: The white working class, back in charge

Lisa and me and several other political folks – a Prime Minister, a Premier, and some impressive cabinet ministers and strategist types – were at a fascinating event in Toronto last night. Professor Justin Gets spoke. A snippet from the column that arose out of his talk, below. The white working class – who wanted Britain out ...

Warren Kinsella: Lying liars who lie

Latest @realDonaldTrump tactic: fire everyone looking for evidence, and then complain that there's no evidence. ##USPolitics #COMEY — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 11, 2017

Warren Kinsella: CITY-TV: will Trump ever lose his voters?

And other questions.  Video: Political strategist @kinsellawarren joins us to talk about the fallout of Trump's firing of Comey https://t.co/hsoa71l61o pic.twitter.com/S0AWbrshV2 — CityNews Toronto (@CityNews) May 10, 2017

Warren Kinsella: CITY TV : me on the Tuesday Night Massacre


Warren Kinsella: In yesterday walks tomorrow

As I told CITY TV last night: “In the movies, when the bad guy takes out one of the cops, do the cops give up their investigation of the bad guys?  No.  They just work a lot harder to get the bad guys.”

Warren Kinsella: BC: who won, who lost

The BC Liberals won. They got more seats. And they may still pick up enough in recounts to give them a majority.  The BC Greens won. They grew their popular vote the most and hold the balance of power – for now.  The BC NDP lost. They had a double-digit lead and blew it. They ...

Warren Kinsella: Former prosecutor and CNN analyst: “a grotesque abuse of power by the President”

Pres. Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey is a "grotesque abuse of power," legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says https://t.co/49ZSr5bsqi pic.twitter.com/PIFInsZ6XI — CNN (@CNN) May 9, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Déjà vu all over again

History has a way of repeating itself, you dumb orange sonofabitch. 

Warren Kinsella: Dear BC: wish I was out there with you tonight

I think it will be a good night for my friends.

Warren Kinsella: Justin Trudeau to the Haundenosanee

Here’s three things that the Prime Minister said when he announced his party’s policies as they relate to indigenous people: To begin, I would like to recognize the Haundenosanee, on whose traditional territory we are gathering. And: …we will do more to make sure that the voices of your Nations are heard in Ottawa. And: ...

Warren Kinsella: Sham 69! Off With Their Heads!

Picked up tickets this morning for Off With Their Heads (next week) and the original Sham 69 (next month). Stoked. Here’s two of the two bands’ best.

Warren Kinsella: My HuffPo BC election column: twenty-one years ago tonight

[Here in its entirety.] Twenty-one years ago, we B.C. Liberals were gathered at the Hotel Vancouver, peering up at some big TV screens, shocked by what we were seeing. It was Election Day in British Columbia, and the returns were coming in. And they didn’t make any sense. At all. We were ahead, but we ...

Warren Kinsella: Free metaphor about BC NDP’s John “I’ll just watch you” Horgan

Stuck on the road: NDP Leader @jjhorgan's campaign bus bottomed out and is now stuck in Surrey. @ScottRobertsCTV's is there. #CTVelxn pic.twitter.com/DI1O1RNE4L — CTV Vancouver (@CTVVancouver) May 8, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Was wondering where my Crocs are, to let out the puppy. I think I’ll wait.

Warren Kinsella: Bits from today’s column about tomorrow’s vote (update twice!)

(And HuffPo version here!) (Oh, and John Horgan seems to have, um, gotten stuck on the campaign trail…) Twenty-one years ago, we BC Liberals were gathered at the Hotel Vancouver, peering up some big TV screens, shocked by what we were seeing. It was Election Day in British Columbia, and the returns were coming in.  ...