Warren Kinsella: Democracy prevails after all

They tried to pull a fast one on Good Friday, as my wife pointed out. But it didn’t work. In one of the safest Liberal seats in Canada – when you have someone amazing like Jess Spindler prepared to run for you – you shouldn’t jam in a buddy of a crony. Who doesn’t even ...

Warren Kinsella: I asked them to play some Desmond Dekker. They did.

Irie. Two guys on the beach. I love this.

Warren Kinsella: Caribbean diploma mills: St. George’s University in Grenada

As a former federal Chief of Staff at Health, and as someone who has represented the CMA, OMA, OHA and lots of hospitals – and whose Dad was awarded the Order of Canada for his bioethics work – I have always had more than a passing interest in medical education. It’s important. Down here in ...

Warren Kinsella: This is a total fucking disgrace

As predicted. Kathleen Wynne has shoved aside a brilliant young woman – a lawyer and an activist who was prepared to contest the St. Paul’s nomination – to appoint a rich old white guy who is a crony of one of the rich old white guys in her inner circle. When she chides Doug Ford ...

Warren Kinsella: The “feminist” Ontario Liberal Party

…has come to this. Hearing an amazing, capable woman – a brilliant lawyer and activist too – is being pushed aside so “brain trust” around Wynne can appoint a guy in St. Paul’s. One of their pals. Let them have it, #onpoli. #olp — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 30, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Professors Adler and Kinsella, I presume

Plus: well-timed sirens!


Warren Kinsella: My biggest tweet ever

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the most-noticed tweet I’ve ever sent out into the Internet ether. 2,300 retweets 7,100 likes Nearly half a million impressions   Genius. pic.twitter.com/viHlzyM7gR — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 25, 2018 It’s a photo of a woman holding a funny but important message, at this past ...

Warren Kinsella: Jordon Cooper, RIP

I have been doing this stupid web site for nearly two decades. In that time, I have made the acquaintance of some extraordinary people. Jordon Cooper was one of them. We never met, face to face – he was in his beloved Saskatoon, and I was always somewhere else, and we kept missing each other ...

Warren Kinsella: Column: as with Trump, what if they won by cheating?

It almost seems kind of quaint, doesn’t it? Back when the Conservative Party was running things, the commentariat were apoplectic about something called CIMS: the Constituent Information Management System (CIMS). “Tory database draws ire of privacy experts,” went one CTV News headline.  An “unethical invasion of Canadians’ privacy,” thundered Conservative-turned-Liberal MP Garth Turner.  It was ...

Warren Kinsella: How to deal with online assholes

[From the archives, but still valid.] I’ve been doing this web stuff – it’s a web site, people, not a blog – for almost two decades. At the start, I didn’t have comments – partly because the web-site-based platform I used, designed by Bjorn and Boris, simply didn’t permit me to do so – and ...

Warren Kinsella: I love a parade

Well, fuck face, you wanted a parade. @POTUS #MarchForOurLives pic.twitter.com/tQzvvK3dX2 — Ron Pederson (@RonaldPederson) March 24, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Watch this to the end

At the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, Florida school survivor Emma Gonzalez weeps quietly for the majority of her speech, which lasted 6 minutes and 20 seconds — the duration of the Stoneman Douglas massacre https://t.co/1SW65sNMd5 pic.twitter.com/21ssJjQLsE — CNN (@CNN) March 24, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Lonnie James. Um, who?

So, Sam Sutherland wrote a great book about Canadian punk rock a few years back, called Perfect Youth. It’s really good. You can get it here. Chris Walter this year wrote and published another amazing book about Canadian punk, Misfits and Miscreants. It’s an oral history of the scene, and it is pretty terrific. Buy ...

Warren Kinsella: KINSELLACAST 6: Wylie-gate, Spin Twins and Lisa fan mail!

Warren Kinsella: Jordan Peterson watch: lies about being “inducted” into a First Nation

Here: Jordan peterson is a University of Toronto psychology professor, bestselling author, culture warrior, YouTube celebrity, and a growing presence in Canadian conservative politics. The one thing he is most certainly not is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw people of British Columbia. That claim, however, has appeared several times in Peterson’s bios—which state that he ...

Warren Kinsella: Adler-Kinsella: why the Wylie scandal matters

Fifty billion in market value, gone. One of the biggest companies in the world in chaos. Governments announcing probes. And the Trudeau government looking quite nervous. Charles Adler and me on the Christopher Wylie affair. I think this one could be very big.

Warren Kinsella: Please God make it stop

Warren Kinsella: A. Meet with the police.

Q. On the day the new Your Ward News – that racist, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, Islamophobic, women-hating piece of garbage – comes out, what do you do?

Warren Kinsella: Dear Mr. Sousa:

Take it from the guy who made the dumb, dumb joke about “baking cookies,” and still (deservedly) hears about it more than a decade later: just apologize. It’ll only get worse if you don’t.

Warren Kinsella: Big trouble. Big.

Uh-oh. This is a big, big change in a big, big story. Big, big trouble for #LPC. #cdnpoli https://t.co/jMe5detPJS — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 21, 2018 The Liberal’s just clarified their relationship with Christopher Wylie, saying he at no point had “access to any data from Liberal Caucus Research Bureau” and was paid 100k for ...

Warren Kinsella: Political parties and data mining: a whodunit

Young Canadian Christopher Wylie has been much in the news lately – among other things, for single-handedly hammering Facebook’s market value, and causing lots of political earthquakes in the U.S. When Wylie was kicking around the Liberal Party of Canada, I didn’t know him.  “Couldn’t pick him out of a police line-up,” I told an ...

Warren Kinsella: Lisa and the Senate in today’s Hill Times

Senate among top lobbied institutions in February February fillings show Senate lobbying in 2018 is keeping pace with 2017’s record-breaking year, which tripled historic averages for influencers focused on the Red Chamber. Last month, lobbyists recorded 169 communications compared to 175 in February 2017, putting it third for the month behind the House of Commons (958 reports) ...

Warren Kinsella: Fish where there’s fish

…that’s something I say so much about campaigns that my staff have heard it a billion times. Talk about the stuff voters want you to talk about. Manage the dialogue. Thus, this from Campaign Research: “The PCs have a significant lead over both the OLP and the ONDP. This is because the policy issues that ...

Warren Kinsella: Mainstreet: PCs “lead in every region”

Mainstreet – who, full disclosure, is one of the polling firms with which Daisy Group does business – dropped a big poll this morning. It’s not good news for the governing Ontario Liberals: The Progressive Conservatives would win a massive majority with new leader Doug Ford at the helm if an election were held today, ...