Warren Kinsella: Ipsos: Trudeau is losing

First time they’ve gotten that result in years. Link here. Comments are open. If a federal election were held tomorrow, the Conservatives would win. According to a new Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News, public reaction to a recent troubled trip by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to India two weeks ago might be a ...

Warren Kinsella: On this day in 1974

…in yesterday walks tomorrow, you sausage-fingered, sphincter-mouthed human Cheezie.

Warren Kinsella: Coming soon to U of C and U of A!

Me – as the grateful speaker at the annual Merv Leitch QC Memorial Lecture. First in Edmonton and then in Calgary. A great honour. Added bonus: Lisa Kinsella will be present, too, to sign autographs and pose for selfies!

Warren Kinsella: Adler-Kinsella: trade, Trump and Trudeau’s troubling trip

Warren Kinsella: Another unhappy PC person writes in

Hi Warren, I thought this might be of interest since news can sometimes hit close to home — and your home includes the Beach (one of the ridings mentioned). Apparently the rumour is that the successful candidates in these ridings have very close ties to that guy Snover Dhillon who’s been mentioned in newspaper articles.  ...

Warren Kinsella: SFH! Mr. Pharmacist!

Warren Kinsella: Bad week

Got more than two million in last few weeks. Patrick Brown, come back! My week on Twitter : 1.14K Mentions, 490K Mention Reach, 2.99K Likes, 891 Retweets, 619 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/TQhKFs0QZY pic.twitter.com/zNNYJOEtHj — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) February 25, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Survey says: Elliott won the debate

But you can still vote now, vote often! (If I were Ms. Mulroney, I would be a bit worried that I’m getting clocked by Ms. Windmill Sex Corrupt Patrick Brown Crazypants.  But that’s just me.) As my wife predicted four years ago, the next election is going to be Ms. Elliott vs. Ms. Wynne vs. ...

Warren Kinsella: Nick Kouvalis, pyrrhic victories, and a mystery

So.  Bear with me, here.  This takes some explainin’. Back in late December, I wrote about prominent political strategist Nick Kouvalis being charged for a visit he and others made to a Kelsey’s.  That was, you know, open. I said then that criminal charges never should have been laid against Nick Kouvalis.  Because, when one ...

Warren Kinsella: Diplomatic idiocy

India is only the world’s largest democracy, with whom we are trying to boost trade. No big deal. Keep insulting them, Prime Minister. Dear Canadian government: India’s government formally says your claims are “baseless and unacceptable.” Are they lying or are you? Sincerely, Canadians Mystified By Why You Prefer A Diplomatic Incident To Admitting You ...

Warren Kinsella: Teenagers, the destroyer of worlds

And this is why I’m in the middle of writing a trilogy about teenagers: they’re more interesting, and intelligent, and fearless, than any adult. “Facebook announced a decline in daily users in America and Canada for the first time…globally, users were spending around 50m fewer hours per day on Facebook. [This] translates into users worldwide ...

Warren Kinsella: Caleb Stark, Halifax

Trying to find his address at home and work for service of legal documents. There is a significant reward for those who can provide same.  

Warren Kinsella: Ten bold and boldface observations about Ontario politics

Patrick Brown‘s entry into the PC leadership race meant chaos, controversy and Kathleen Wynne‘s likely re-election.  Now that’s he’s gone (again), an Ontario Liberal victory becomes a lot less certain. Eric Hoskins‘ sudden resignation is very bad news for Wynne, too.  He joins departing senior ministers like Brad Duguid, Liz Sandals and Deb Mathews, all ...

Warren Kinsella: Breaking: today’s Patrick Brown scandal

                Sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

Warren Kinsella: The Patrick Clown Show comes to an end

Confirming: The Chief Electoral Officer, @OntarioPCParty President and I received a letter a short while ago from @brownbarrie announcing his withdrawal from the #PCPOLdr race. The next Leader of the #PCPO will be @TGranicAllen, @celliottability, @fordnation or @C_Mulroney. — Hartley Lefton (@hartleylefton) February 26, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Brown being investigated for ethics breaches

Story here: Ontario’s integrity commissioner confirmed Monday he is investigating a complaint against former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown. Integrity commissioner J. David Wake confirmed the probe in a statement to media early Monday afternoon. The complaint was made last week by PC MPP Randy Hillier, questioning how Brown could afford the mortgage on his ...

Warren Kinsella: Patrick Brown: “get me the result I want”

And guess what?  They apparently did. Patrick Brown personally directed his top party officials to “get me the result I want” in a Tory nomination that has been the subject of a police investigation into alleged fraud and forgery, the Star has learned. The former Progressive Conservative leader emailed specific instructions to Bob Stanley, then ...

Warren Kinsella: Column: the Ontario election is in 73 days. Who’s gonna win it?

The Patrick Clown Show continues to be the biggest political story in Canada – but the biggest provincial conservative party, the Ontario PCs, are still competitive. How come? The papers are brimming with stories about Patrick Brown. For instance: on Wednesday morning of last week, out of 13 provincial-politics-related clippings landing on staffers’ desks at ...

Warren Kinsella: Please God make it stop


Warren Kinsella: Tweet of the week, folks

No doubt Mr. Brown would like to turn over a new page. As it were. — Jim Maclean (@CrustyMaclean) February 24, 2018

Warren Kinsella: The night the pigs attacked a Muslim woman in a church

Here’s the scene: We were in a church. There was a choir singing upstairs. People were sitting, quietly, with their kids. And then the pigs got up on their hind legs and started squealing. They started squealing and screeching, their little pig eyes all red, about “sharia law” and Muslims “raping” children and the need ...

Warren Kinsella: Lisa Kinsella, Arthur Potts fighting hate – with me providing backup

It’s been a few years since a hate group jammed a rifle in my chest.  Could be an interesting night. Change of plan: I wasn't going to attend @apottsmpp's terrific anti-racism rally tonight, where @lisakinsella is speaking. But now that an Islamophobic hate group is coming, I'll be there in full Peaky Blinders mode. Could ...

Warren Kinsella: Birds a feather, etc.

Judge Patrick Brown by his friends.  Says plenty.

Warren Kinsella: Patrick Brown, FINTRAC and that $375,000 seat raffle

Here. Read it. And if someone doesn’t take this to the police before the weekend, I’ll be amazed.

Warren Kinsella: Our fight against that neo-Nazi hate rag

Story link is here, and a bit of it is below. Meanwhile, Lisa will be speaking tomorrow night at an anti-hate forum being led by a great leader in the fight against bigotry, Liberal MPP Arthur Potts – more details here. They know it won’t be easy and expect to be in it for the ...