Warren Kinsella: #CBC on #BCelxn17

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Warren Kinsella: “You’re a disgrace to the world.”

Pretty much. An actor is playing Trump, but Trump will never be a real president, so it all evens out. who is she pic.twitter.com/amElWRGFdp — najahta (@najahtaa) May 7, 2017

Warren Kinsella: BC election: too close to call

But if the ballot question is economy/jobs – and it usually is – then Christy Clark’s BC Liberals will win.  Take a look at this info-heavy Ipsos chart: She is also ahead if the dominate issue(s) is/are taxes, government spending, transportation, pipelines, or natural resources. If, however, the ballot question is health, housing, education and ...

Warren Kinsella: Le Pen, Trump, Brexit and the voiceless, rural unemployed person

The relationship is direct, and undeniable.  Look at this fascinating graphic from the New York Times’ extensive coverage (and their cool interactive map here). If you came from an area of high unemployment, you voted for the racist, anti-Semitic National Front.  There was a direct correlation. Similar analyses were done with Brexit and Trump.  Check ...

Warren Kinsella: Merci Dieu! Allez à l’enfer, les nazis!

Vive la France!

Warren Kinsella: The best explanation of the victories of Rob Ford, Brexit, Donald Trump et al.

The answer was right there in front of me, ironically enough. Brilliant. A vote for the National Front was of course a vote tinged with racism and homophobia. My father looked forward to the time when we would “throw out the Arabs and the Jews.” He liked to say that gay people deserved the death penalty ...

Warren Kinsella: New York Times: The Rebel is “far-Right,” and is aiding a white supremacist 

…and, their “Washington correspondent” is involved in illegal hacking. See the full Times story, here. The Rebel’s support for white supremacy and the Holocaust-denying National Front should surprise no one who has been paying attention lately – as seen here. Given what I used to believe about their founder, that surprises and disappoints me. But it’s real.  So The ...

Warren Kinsella: The BC 2017 ballot question

@jjhorgan's #BCNDP's aligned with @realDonaldTrump on trade. @christyclarkbc wants to hammer Trump over softwood. That's the #bcpoli ballot. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 6, 2017

Warren Kinsella: My friend Greg Lyle knows BC

…and he knows BC elections, too. Here, his latest survey(s): Can the BC NDP – who once had a double-digit lead – still win? Yes, says Greg: However, an NDP victory is still possible: 40% of the electorate say they want to hear more before making up their minds. This is almost exactly the same ...

Warren Kinsella: X: Recipe for Hate

Now in the latest Dundurn catalogue! Read all about it here.

Warren Kinsella: Ten (personal) reasons I want the BC NDP to lose

Now in HuffPo. (Civil) comments  welcome. 

Warren Kinsella: Government, lobbyists and the media

From CP via CTV: “I am very happy to see members of the press this evening,” Trudeau said early in his remarks, which drew subdued applause from the roughly 300-person crowd. “We are very happy to see (journalists) among us and thank you very much for being here,” he said, looking at reporters and raising ...

Warren Kinsella: Trump and GOP get their Kill Bill: assholes

When you take health care away from 24 million people, it means people are going to die. Donald Trump is an asshole: sing it.

Warren Kinsella: The force is with the BC Libs, too

Star Trek: still better.  NOW PLAYING: TAX WARS #BCNDP Debt Star™ ft. Darth Horgan. #MayThe4thBeWithYou. @jjhorgan #bcelxn17 #bcpoli pic.twitter.com/ZPDGzgFiJc — Today's BC Liberals (@bcliberals) May 4, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Well done, LPC

…really well done.  But Star Trek is still way better than Star Wars. Stephen Harper’s apprentices? These are not the leaders you are looking for. #Maythe4thBeWithYou #cpcldr #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/rX84SicXS1 — Liberal Party (@liberal_party) May 4, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Dear Kev

Column, now on HuffPo.  Got a lot of comments about this one.  Sample: “You’re mean, but I like it.” Snippet: You weren’t going to ever, ever beat Justin Trudeau. He was going to put you — a bloviating blowhard, a misanthropic misogynist, a down-market Donald — through the political Cuisinart. He was going to shred ...

Warren Kinsella: Globe and Mail: Christy Clark was “warm,” “friendly,” “respectful,” “handled [Linda] well”

Dear Team BC NDP: a hashtag, and a lot of fake Twitter outrage, does not a winning campaign make.  Check this out – the Globe and Mail is calling you out on your (typical, usual) tendency to get outraged about every frigging thing, the absurd #IAmLinda included: Of all the interactions ever to occur between a ...

Warren Kinsella: Follow the money

We just had a Daisy staff lunch – in part, to welcome the newest member of the team, Madi Fuller – and talked a lot about this shocker, from CP: OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives showed off their fundraising prowess during the first three months of the year, raking in almost twice as much as ...

Warren Kinsella: Ten (very personal) reasons why I want the BC NDP to lose

I’ve gotten a few emails from folks who are genuinely puzzled as to why I support Christy Clark’s BC Liberals. So, here’s ten reasons. Friendship.  From 1990 to 1993, I was Jean Chretien’s special assistant, and very involved in tormenting the Mulroney/Campbell Liberals in the House.  In 1993, I oversaw the Liberal Party’s election war room.  We ...

Warren Kinsella: Beaver

Signifying security. By Kwakiutl artist R. Adams of Alert Bay.  Picked up during a quick swing through Ottawa to get a daughter (100 per cent on final exam!), talk to a Prime Minister (the best!), and eat at the Shenger (suck it, Jason Kenney!).  Beautiful, eh?

Warren Kinsella: CJN on neo-Nazi rag

Story here: Warren Kinsella, a founding member of Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) and a political consultant, said his organization, and others, “remain determined to keep this violent, racist and misogynistic rag out of their communities.” Kinsella, who lives in The Beaches, said he first found out about the paper when it appeared in his ...

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: a Dear Kevin letter

Dear Kevin: At least Michael Ignatieff moved back here. You know what I mean, Mr. Disembark Tank. You’re Just Leaving. As expected. As planned. As such, I was going to wish you the best in packing for the return to Boston – but we both you know you never really unpacked, did you? Ignatieff may ...

Warren Kinsella: BC Libs edge ahead?

So says one pollster, here. Exclusive poll shows BC Liberals edging slight lead after televised debate A new exclusive online Ipsos poll for Global News and CKNW suggests the BC Liberals have a slight lead over the NDP after Wednesday’s televised debate. 29 per cent of voters said they believed Christy Clark would be the best ...

Warren Kinsella: PS – That softwood thing was pretty crappy to do to family 

Canadians sing Star Spangled Banner. Take that, Trump. #USPolitics #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/qtkkp1SNuO — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 1, 2017

Warren Kinsella: 100 days

We live in a dark time. The rough beast, his hour come round at last: