Warren Kinsella: Mad Max is an understatement

In case you are unfamiliar with “red pilling, this: “In the case of Gamergate, the “red pill” was that men had to reclaim their dominance over women or risk their downfall. In the case of the alt-right, the “red pill” is that all races were meant to exist separately.” This idiot just giddily promoted a ...

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: he’s just visiting, too

Spring 2009: the tulips were blooming, the birds were chirping, and Ottawa was buzzing about the prospects of Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff. The polls looked good. The pundits were saying nice things. Stephen Harper’s regime was slipping. Liberals were accordingly feeling optimistic, so they threw a little party. Staff moved the long tables out of ...

Warren Kinsella: Day Without A Woman

At Daisy Group, on Wednesday, we are going to be participating in the Day Without A Woman, as urged by the Women’s March.  The women in our firm will therefore decide whether they want to be at work or not. If you are interested in learning more, information is here: In the same spirit of love ...

Warren Kinsella: The Troll-in-Chief, and his winged monkeys

I’ve always thought the word “troll” lacks the semantical power it deserves. Shrek was a troll, and everyone liked him. There had to be a better word to describe these pathetic little men (because they are almost always men). Going back to 2002, when I first started this web site, I didn’t permit comments. I simply did ...

Warren Kinsella: Sloane

That’s Sloane, up above. My Mom painted that for Lisa in Maine, when Sloane was still a puppy. Sloane had this way of sitting up kind of funny, always looking like she was going to get into some trouble – getting ready to run off, or howl at someone in the alley. With that lab ...

Warren Kinsella: Judy Foote and Lisa Kinsella are on the right side of history

Is Frank Addario and his firm?

Warren Kinsella: In which the United States, 2017, becomes Germany, 1941

And Sophie’s Choice is real.

Warren Kinsella: Neo-Naziism isn’t “speech,” Frank Addario

CBC story here. Images taken from this white supremacist, Hitlerite rag here. The paper is filled with offensive imagery and writing aimed at just about every identifiable group, discredited theories on topics such as immunizations as well as personal attacks on high-profile Canadians.  “We no longer wanted this racist, misogynistic, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-gay hate rag in ...

Warren Kinsella: Highly-scientific poll™: will the Hydro cut work?

Vote now, vote often! Ontario's 25 per cent #Hydro cut will make the government: — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 3, 2017

Warren Kinsella: You couldn’t pay us to buy it, actually

Spotted by a friend at Washington’s Dulles airport. Sorry, Unpresident Trump: nobody wants you.

Warren Kinsella: Sigh

Nick Adams new book, Green Card Warrior, is a must read. The merit-based system is the way to go. Canada, Australia! @foxandfriends — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 3, 2017 Somewhere, @JustinTrudeau just cringed. #uspoli #cdnpoli https://t.co/OI7Re6HwkJ — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 3, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Fully-clothed Warren on shirtless Justin

In which I provide a quote that is frankly incoherent: Political Consultant Warren Kinsella says although the Prime Minister may have had nothing to do with the images surfacing, when it comes to image, the PM is smarter than you may think. “I think this guy is a genius about how to use his image. ...

Warren Kinsella: The Rebel’s Faith Goldy promotes pedophilia

I don’t think that is true, actually.  Or, I think it isn’t true.  Let me explain. Andrew Lawton is a broadcaster for Global News and AM980 in London, Ontario.  I have been on his show once, to debate what he calls free speech, and what I call hate propaganda.  We disagree on pretty much everything, ...

Warren Kinsella: LOCK HIM UP

Oh look, the Klansman-pal is in a spot of trouble: Then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) spoke twice last year with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Justice Department officials said, encounters he did not disclose when asked about possible contacts between members of President Trump’s campaign and representatives of Moscow during Sessions’s confirmation hearing to become attorney ...

Warren Kinsella: Lent schment 

I don't drink, smoke, take any drugs or eat much red meat. So I don't really have much left to give up for Lent, except Lent. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 1, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Hydro rate cut: personally, I’ll take it

Huge scoop from the Star: Premier Kathleen Wynne will slash electricity rates by 25 per cent this year, the Star has learned. In a dramatic move to be finalized at cabinet Wednesday, Wynne’s government is poised to unveil sweeping measures to rein in the soaring hydro bills that currently have the Liberals’ popularity plummeting. Sources ...

Warren Kinsella: Trump and I share one thing

‪I’m getting to it before someone else does. Yes, I am wearing the same tie as Donald Trump.  And we both are on TV.  SAD. 

Warren Kinsella: Highly-scientific poll™: what’s the worst political video of all time?

Vote now, vote often! Worst all-time political video is: — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) February 28, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Hostage video issued by Conservative leadership contender

"I took drama in high school. It was the best drama course on Earth. Look it up. I wrote papers about it." #cpcldr pic.twitter.com/zNwmstulCl — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) February 28, 2017

Warren Kinsella: ‪My explanation of Trump’s win, expressed in mathematical terms

Warren Kinsella: Candid camera

Left: my friend Sandra Pupatello, who could be Premier one day, being thoughtful about energy and economy at OGRA conference. Right: me, looking at the back of my hand for the corny Donald Trump jokes I scribbled there. 

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: hateful promise made, hateful promise kept

[This week’s Hill Times column, also open on their web site.] It feels like a lifetime. But the Trump regime has only been in power for just over a month. When you look at the wreckage littering the landscape–unconstitutional anti-Muslim bans, scandal and high-level resignations, protests drawing millions, and seemingly-bottomless chaos and confusion–it seems like ...

Warren Kinsella: “Warren, what did you do?”

I get that a lot. Mainly from the women in my life. Glad to know I’m not the only Warren who hears it.  "WARREN, WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" #Oscars pic.twitter.com/bBmalDLzCJ — Mashable (@mashable) February 27, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Disembark Tank

Warren Kinsella: It’s Forum. But. 

It’s Forum. That’s the first thing.  Election is far away, that’s another. Wynne’s been counted out before, plenty of times. Seat projections are voodoo science. Media polls are worth what you pay for them – nothing.  And, it’s Forum.  But: Kathleen Wynne and Ontario’s Liberals could be on the verge of electoral disaster in 2018, ...