Warren Kinsella: Four great Liberals and one lousy hack meet for lunch

No Shawinigan Handshakes were used in the preparation of this picture! Top: Charlie Angelakos, Tenio Evangelista. Front: Dennis Mills, Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien. And some nobody in middle.

Warren Kinsella: Highly-scientific poll™: who will the CPC race?

My wife Lisa, who is smarter and better-looking than me, will be on CPAC this weekend, trying to stay awake at the CPC convention.  I’ll be in the studio with SFH, recording pop-punk classics and throwing pianos through ground-floor windows.  Three guesses who will have a better weekend, and the first two don’t count, badda ...

Warren Kinsella: The Washington Post: Jagmeet, Stock and Barney

Here: Singh’s entry provides the ideological left with a convenient “out” for this discomfort — all the progressive policies of the prime minister but delivered by a more believable champion. The Trudeau counter-offensive isn’t particularly obvious either, given Singh supporters, and presumably Singh himself, will be on guard for hints of racial condescension in the ...

Warren Kinsella: Ceremony for Manchester

Ceremony, as those who know me know, is the Joy Division song – not the New Order song – that will be played at my funeral. It was never properly recorded by Joy Division, because Ian Curtis hanged himself in May 1980. There are only three versions of the song in existence.  If a rock ...

Warren Kinsella: “Officer Greg Williams” from CRA called me!

Golly, it sounds like I am in big trouble! Listen in!

Warren Kinsella: The column on cultural appropriation HuffPo refused to publish

“All novelists are liars.” Thieves, too. So said Mordecai Richler. We were in the dark at the back at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen West, my friend and I were, waiting to see the Chicago punk band, Off With Their Heads. My friend had just told me the story of how, years ago, he organized ...

Warren Kinsella: FLOTUS acts as proxy for the rest of us 

OUCHhttps://t.co/XaPL1AbCm5 pic.twitter.com/zpZGkQxDFP — Haaretz.com (@haaretzcom) May 22, 2017

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: on the CBC, cultural appropriation and my friend Steve

“All novelists are liars.” Thieves, too. So said Mordecai Richler. We were in the dark at the back at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen West, my friend and I were, waiting to see the Chicago punk band, Off With Their Heads. My friend had just told me the story of how, years ago, he organized ...

Warren Kinsella: “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Good question, “President.” Oh, and this: President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn won’t provide records to the Senate intelligence committee and will invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in response to a subpoena from the committee, according to a source close to Flynn. Flynn’s refusal to cooperate comes as he faces scrutiny in ...

Warren Kinsella: Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

As my kids will tell you, I actually believe he is. I’m a Catholic, and I believe in God and the Devil and all that. I therefore also believe there is an anti-Christ and, based on the available evidence, his name is Donald Trump. He is the Beast.  Want proof? Okay. Forget about his attacks ...

Warren Kinsella: “Our history as it’s portrayed, it’s just a recipe for hate.”

Recipe For Hate is @kinsellawarren's upcoming YA novel about how a group of punks from Maine defeated a gang of neo-Nazis. pic.twitter.com/Ibl24QZlHX — Dundurn (@dundurnpress) May 20, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Present view, 9:23 am Saturday 


Scripturient: As Elvis leaves the building, so do we all

No one gets out of here alive. We all die. And with us go into the dustbin the dreams, the values, the ideals, the culture we grew up with, we shared, we ensconced in our daily existence. And the clutter we accumulated during our lives. Elvis has left the building and, sooner or later, so ...

Warren Kinsella: Picture, thousand words, etc.

Bert Archer told me Mad magazine did it first, but this one is pretty powerful. 

Warren Kinsella: I think the post below hit a nerve 

Free speech and all that. 

Warren Kinsella: Rebel, Rebel, they’re gonna put you down

Sleeping Giants, having hammered Breitbart’s bottom line,, has turned its sights on The Rebel.  This won’t end well.  For The Rebel.  the @slpng_giants have done about breitbart. We thought about it & have decided to do something. Starting today we will be letting (2/3) — Sleeping Giants CA (@slpng_giants_ca) May 18, 2017 @slpng_giants companies know ...

Warren Kinsella: Donald Trump, pouring gas on himself and lighting a match. Again.

Again. And again and again and again. .@realDonaldTrump: never misses an opportunity to keep his big mouth shut. But, by all means, keep at it, Comrade Trump. #USpolitics https://t.co/JbfbY2LbZG — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 18, 2017 With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never ...

Warren Kinsella: RIP Chris Cornell

Have loved Soundgarden – and considered Thayill the best-ever rock guitarist – from the minute I picked this record up in 1989. RIP Chris Cornell. What a loss.

Warren Kinsella: Frame this. Cherish this. 

Tonight, the United States of America is again a nation of laws. 

Warren Kinsella: We’re going to win so much, we’re going to get bored of winning!

Heh.  Lawyer up, Comrade Trump. #USPolitics https://t.co/xRXwvq2eY8 — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 17, 2017

Warren Kinsella: HuffPo wanted that thing I did on Trudeau, Bernier and Singh

So here it is.

Warren Kinsella: Trumpster fire

I know this is my new favourite quote because I’ve read it a billion times. 

Warren Kinsella: Good times

Good thing he doesn't have access to the nuclear codes or anything #USPolitics https://t.co/vrGbj6yAXZ — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) May 16, 2017 Sources say White House staff members are beginning to talk openly about their increasing concerns that Trump shows signs of early dementia. — Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) May 16, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Trudeau vs. The Alternatives

So, Jagmeet, whose candidacy I invented, is in.  One of my Daisy colleagues was there last night, and said the announcement was awesome. And Mad Max looks to be the guy to beat.  Tories I know say he’s gong to win. So, how will both stack up against Trudeau?  If we were to do polling ...

Warren Kinsella: No one can say it better

…than this former senior advisor to Republican President George W. Bush.  The president should resign. — David Frum (@davidfrum) May 16, 2017