Warren Kinsella: Jordan Peterson watch: “you sanctimonious prick…I’d slap you”

I enjoy documenting what this guy is really like.  

Warren Kinsella: Posted this a year before the Ontario vote. It’s still true.

Let’s recap. The Ontario PCs raised $16 million last year, and the Ontario Liberals – the, you know, government – raised $6 million.  Ten million less.  The government. The most powerful mayor in Canada – a very, very popular guy who has helped the governing Liberals out of many tight spots – has all but ...

Warren Kinsella: That’s not a Throne Speech, that’s a suicide note!

…so someone said to me at lunchtime. Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Anyway. These are the Ontario Throne Speech “priorities.” If anyone can see a big re-election victory somewhere in there, drop us a line, okay?

Warren Kinsella: At the Leitch Memorial Lecture at U of C’s Faculty of Law

Warren Kinsella: Column: will Wynne’s story have a sad ending?

There are all kinds of clichés about how and why governments lose. That they defeat themselves. That they die by degrees. That they become the very thing they had ‎once pledged to always oppose. Mostly, though, governments forget the plot. All of governing – all of the politics – is telling a story, every single ...

Warren Kinsella: Canadians to Trudeau: smarten up

From Angus Reid: The passage of time appears to have done nothing to soothe Canadian voters irritated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since his highly criticized passage to India last month. This, combined with a simmering unease among the electorate over the federal government’s deficit spending has, for the first time, driven Trudeau’s disapproval rating ...

Warren Kinsella: National Observer on Doug Ford

Here: And while Doug Ford isn’t exactly like Donald Trump, he shares enough similarities with the current U.S. president to merit the comparisons. Like Trump, even though he’s well off and enjoys considerable wealth, Ford fashions himself a man of the people; someone who is here to defend the average folk’s best interests, immune to ...

Warren Kinsella: Don’t count Horwath out

Check this out: An NDP government would provide Ontarians with dental benefits and pay off students’ post-secondary loans, said leader Andrea Horwath in a speech Saturday that gave a glimpse into her party’s election platform. “We know we can do better to make sure that everyone can build a good life, right here in Ontario,” ...

Warren Kinsella: Fifty years ago, Bobby Kennedy started his presidential campaign. RIP.

Warren Kinsella: My St. Patrick’s message, every year since 1980

There’s nothin’ for us in Belfast The Pound’s old, and that’s a pity OK, so there’s the Trident in Bangor And then you walk back to the city We ain’t got nothin’ but they don’t really care They don’t even know you know They just want money, we can take it or leave it What ...

Warren Kinsella: This all could have been avoided

It makes me so bloody mad. This: Of the 1,637 Ontario voters surveyed online between March 12 and 14, Campaign Research found that 43 per cent of decided voters intended to support the Progressive Conservatives in the June election, 27 per cent backed the Liberals, and 23 per cent supported the NDP. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s ...

Warren Kinsella: KINSELLACAST #5: resisting the Trump/Brexit agenda!

By popular demand, here’s my Merv Leitch QC Memorial Lecture, delivered at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law. If there’s one section I want to emphasize, it’s this one: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We ...

Warren Kinsella: My Merv Leitch QC Memorial Lecture: opposing intolerance in the Trump/Brexit era

It was a great honour to speak at U of A and U of C this week.  The subject matter was – sadly – timely: the rise of intolerance and hate in the Trump and Brexit era, and what we need to do about it as a civil society. Because some of you have asked, ...

Warren Kinsella: Adler-Kinsella Show: Justin, Jagmeet, and the jerk in the oval office

Warren Kinsella: I wish someone would pay me for this stuff

My week on Twitter : 1.27K Mentions, 1.62M Mention Reach, 6.28K Likes, 1.74K Retweets, 878 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/TQhKFs0QZY pic.twitter.com/fzOqeFjAYF — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 4, 2018

Warren Kinsella: See? I have a tie!

Tks, @kinsellawarren for an amazing lecture, and a wonderful visit generally. But next time, lose the weather. OK? Please? @lisakinsella – you’d have been pleased; he scrubbed up nicely for the day. @UCalgaryLaw pic.twitter.com/WXTB9SEBUS — Ian Holloway (@LawDeanHolloway) March 15, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Hate and extremism in the Trump era – today at U of C’s Faculty of Law, live

This afternoon, I will be doing the Merv Leitch Memorial Lecture at my alma mater, the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law. The topic, as the poster says, is the explosion in hate and extremism post-Brexit and post-Trump. And what we, in a civil society, can do about it. It’s open to the public and ...

Warren Kinsella: Um

Can someone in Canadian media explain why no Canadian media are covering this?

Warren Kinsella: Kinsellacast is on Google Play Podcast Music Thing

Warren Kinsella: Leitch lecture at U of A!

Big crowd for my Leitch lecture at U of A’s Faculty of Law – and, bonus: I got to meet the amazing Kristin Raworth!

Warren Kinsella: Kinsellacast now on iTunes!

Link here!

Warren Kinsella: Kinsellacast: Lisa Hate Tweets and the Spin Twins™!

Warren Kinsella: Doug Ford in ten tweets

I hate Twitter threads, but I got started and kept going. Here it is. 1. Doug Ford is good news for Andrea Horwath. If Horwath gets out of the political equivalent of the witness protection program, that is. #onpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 11, 2018 2. Kathleen Wynne is Hillary Clinton to Doug Ford’s ...

Warren Kinsella: I’m seeing more of Lisa Kinsella on CTV than I do in real life

Warren Kinsella: The new conservatives and values

From a few years back: …as I argue in my book Fight The Right, the political brain is an emotional organ, not a rational one. On voting day, passion generally defeats reason. Values, as simplistic as they may seem to progressives, rule. Values – that is, hopes, dreams, fears, the ineffable stuff of life – ...