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What happens now?

Your application will be sent to the Progressive Bloggers administration and will be looked over for content, how often you post, etc. A decision will then be made to accept your application, reject it, or put it on hold, to be reviewed at a future date. Note: blogs who are less then a month old will automatically be put into the “hold” queue, to see if the blogs have staying power and aren’t a fly-by-night operation, as well as to give the administrators time to get a feel for the blog.

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UPDATE: Jan 19, 2013:

As of 2012, it was decided to expand the voting on an affiliate application to the whole of the membership (or at least, to those on the Progressive Bloggers Facebook Group as of this writing). With that in mind, some general guidelines/criteria are used by the membership and the Prog Blog administration in deciding if a blogs application to become an affiliate should be accepted, rejected or put on hold for another look down the road.

The general criteria we use to consider a blog’s application are:

– Do we consider what the blogger writes about to be relevant to be on Progressive Bloggers? (They don’t have to write every blogpost on politics or social issues; there is obviously some deviation allowed, but for example if a blog wrote 99% of its posts on the delights of BBQ’ing. I’d be hard-pressed to accept that on Progressive Bloggers.

-Is the blog in our view a ‘progressive’ blog? (this is subject to interpretation by our members)

– Is the blog active enough/does it post enough? (If the blog is less then a month old, it normally automatically gets put down as a “put on hold” and we check back later (i.e. a month down the road) to see if it’s still posting. This might also be the case for a blog that’s been “active for 4 years”, but only posted a blog post once every 6 months). This is done to a) see if the blog sticks around and isn’t a fly by night blog, and b) for us to get a feel or more of a feel for what the blog writes about, and how they write it.

As always, I (being Scott) make the final decision on whether to accept the recommendations of the voters, but unless it’s something totally out of whack, or involves legal issues, I normally defer, sorta like what the Governor-General does.