Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: A Look Back At Moose Jaw High Street

This mural was destroyed by a fire.  

cartoon life: The weather.

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PostArctica: Untitled # 319

cartoon life: The deck chair

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cartoon life: Improv and a mark

Something for a coldish day It was a small thing at the time. Or so it seemed. But watching the after-show improv set at Second City, and doing some time with London’s small Theatre Sports group prompted a kind of license. I learned that it was okay to say, “Yes”, to trust that someone could ...

cartoon life: Somewhere beside the road

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cartoon life: Big blue mug at Fireroasted

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cartoon life: Fireflies and stars.

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cartoon life: Water jug in Zen brush app

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cartoon life: Deck chair

Yes, lots of you have been here before: drawing with Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. Well, this is day two. And if you believe, if you’ve read somewhere, that the 10.5 iPad Pro somehow isn’t worth it, you’re not the right audience. Get out.  Traded the iPad Air 2. And this fits in my ...

cartoon life: While ‘yer waitin’ fer the train… 

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cartoon life: Miss High Haughty, Queen of all Tuxedos

Miss fuzzy cat. Every once in a while I look out for a new way to render her magnificent shagginess. Filed under: art, Cat Tagged: Cat, fuzzy

cartoon life: Merle Tingley. 1922-2017

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cartoon life: Teapot at the rest stop. 

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cartoon life: It’s bike theft season. Tricks and tips.

Warning: It’s bike theft season. I just watched a guy ride up to the fence where most of the bikes from our building are locked. He scouted the bikes, took cell snaps of the expensive bikes and did a text. This is how a made to order bike theft ring works. When he saw me ...

cartoon life: Hello! Yes! Proceed! Oh, I don’t know. Goodnight.

I too could run the world if you would let me. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

PostArctica: Dying Tree With Storm

Don’t look back.

cartoon life: Trying to invent the future when the past was perfectly good.

Folk continually delve into our past, now at , attempt to understand what went wrong, what went right, why and where and how. This post YOU WON’T BELIEVE THESE 10 BUILDINGS LONDON’S TORN DOWN! records a few remarkable buildings we’ve lost.  And in an inarticulate cloud of thoughts, I wonder… a couple of times in ...

cartoon life: Sunny days!

Sweetened up memory from a roadside photo. Waterlogue filter and layering different results from different sources in Procreate. Photo from somewhere in Iowa?  Filed under: art

cartoon life: Fountain pens!

!*~&$! Fountain pens! Various filters over an original drawing of Tomas Fedora Ingrami via Raphael from the ever faithful Ufizzi catalog. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Sometime the pattern makes sense.

Seyh Godin, who has closed off comments (?) posted : “What about endogeneity?” Ask this question often. Several times a day, at least. Endogeneity is a fancy term for confusing cause and effect. For not being clear about causation and correlation. It’s one reason why smart people make so many mistakes. We think A leads to ...

cartoon life: Rapid Transit? All aboard!

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cartoon life: So my eyes and brain hurt. Tell me why I do this, again?

The other cartoons I put up at LondOntLife were done quickly and briskly on my iPad2 air. The Peanuts parody was another beast all together and took a good day of daylight, and few insomniacal arousals. Part of the problem was figuring out how to do things for the first time, and connect the workflows.  ...

cartoon life: Tomasso working on his iPad considers what to do with his WordPress blog.

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cartoon life: We’re just a village.

People were outraged by a recent pronouncement that London was a village. It hurts because it’s true.I have always said London is a city that just can’t grow up. And that has a lot of subtle meanings. Face it. London is a village. It’s really a whole bunch of villages trying to be a city. ...