cartoon life: I want to go out

I feel better. I took my meds. And that other stray Tom is out there to beat up. So you have to let me outside. Oh, wait it’s raining. Crap. I guess I’ll stay in and bother you. Until I forget that its raining. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, its a cats life.

cartoon life: Scribbly double exclamation marks!!

Holy double exclamation marks Batman!! Another in the line of just-make-a-mark-and-see-what-happens images. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Organic scribble

…becomes, oh, I don’t always, sometimes ever, know, what these things mean. But they do, after a time, take on a meaning. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Blue tuxedo cat

Blue tuxedo cat. A wide variety of filters and apps. Paper, Etchings, Waterlogue, Procreate, Snapped. Some of the Waterlogged filters create quite nice accidents and bleeds. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Tuxedo cat on violet couch

Once again, just odd shapes and patterns, the odd shapes and patterns you see before knowing what it is you see. Filed under: art

PostArctica: Dirty 30

Just because it sounds funny, maybe, it’s all subjective. So this afternoon I finally got a picture I liked of this red roofed building after, well, no idea when this “chalet” was built, but it feels like a good 30 years…anyway…and by the way…I must thank Verdun City Councillor, Sterling Downey, for his role in ...

cartoon life: Pop art style tuxedo cat

Ornamental background pattern from another app. Dropped into the background as a photo. Drawn over with pen and fill tool. Yes, you can get far more sophisticated apps and multiple layers and filters. You tend to get wrapped up in using the tools and all the options. I will fool around in them sometimes with ...

cartoon life: Miss tuxedo cat and her wonderful tail

It’s my world and welcome to it. A long-haired queen tuxedo cat, born in a window well, she always looks maniacally alert because she thinks everything is going to eat her. Domesticated enough that she has a home to shed in. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, sheds, tail, tuxedo

PostArctica: Dirt – Overstating The Obvious

First image in a promised series. Would love to hear your feedback.

cartoon life: What’s the word for…. ?

English needs a word for the uncomfortable moment you wait for the credit card machine to process, while you pause and wave your hands and you and the clerk smile awkwardly to each other, breathe, and stare into space.  Filed under: art

cartoon life: Abstract expressionism from Zen Brush app.

Abstract expressionism, something calligraphic from Zen Brush app. I love the texture in the brushstrokes. I swear, sometimes, I’m a Zen calligraphy master. Filed under: art

PostArctica: Abandoned Literature – Romeo and Juliet, Finnegans Wake

From my ongoing Abandoned Literature series. Message or email me if you would like a print. If you can’t make out the text in these images (these are small low res versions) here is the first page of Finnegans Wake and here is the excerpt from Romeo and Juliet.

PostArctica: Some Recent…

Haven’t been posting pictures regularly in a while and am thinking maybe it’s time to get back into it. Here are a few from around this winter. Les Filles du Roi – Wellington street in The Pointe. King’s Daughter’s wiki page. Reading room, La Grande Bibliotheque. And the view from up top and out the ...

cartoon life: Cat cleaning.

I find myself using Zen Brush app from time to time, a bit more often. Still I’d like a dark grey, maybe 80 or 90 % black, not completely black. But there is some fun in going back and forth with the eraser on a very light tone to pick up ink when it’s too ...

wmtc: vancouver, day four

Our last day in Vancouver was a full one. It included a library, great art, a meet-up with an activist-friend… and noodles! I didn’t want another breakfast at the hotel, so we poked around a bit online and found something nearby. This place didn’t open til 10:00 (I guess hipsters don’t wake up early) but ...

cartoon life: Tuxedo cat on yellow

Made with Auryn Ink, a watercolour simulation app. The interface is odd, but, okay… I’m beginning to see how it works. I like the new smooth paper surfaces. Filed under: art Tagged: black, Cat, tuxedo cat, watercolour, yellow

cartoon life: The books have arrived

Far quicker than expected, and a couple of boxes short, but these will surely arrive soonest. And somehow I misordered only one copy of The Leaving Series. Filed under: art Tagged: Tingfest 2016

cartoon life: Who can sleep here? No one but me!

Playing with that new Pencil and the new firm tip, hlding back on the pressure to get a nice thin line out of the pen tool. Also continuing with the ancient tuxedo cat sleeping theme Filed under: art

cartoon life: In the sunny spot.

We changed the sheet covering the futon couch to brighten up the nap spot. This rather succesfully is copied over from a photo grabbed because this one won’t stay in any place where she can see me looking at her. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Books for Tingest are built

Well…. Books for Tingfest are built and sent off and ordered. They will each be a limited edition of twenty. One of those has to go to Library and Archives Canada. I wouldn’t mind keeping one for myself, if that’s alright with you. As to any of the other books I’ve printed and distributed, well… I ...

cartoon life: Tuxedo cat in a brown mood

Sleeping away the day. Staying inside where it’s warm. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Printing wirelessly and maintenance.

  Does your Epson NX430 Printer get stupid after replacing ink cartridge? Things to try: Reset the router (used to work) Delete and reinstall the printer driver on the Mac (shows that the mac can find the printer online, and that the printer is on the network) Turn the printer off, wait. Turn the printer ...

cartoon life: The wandering heart

A wandering Valentine’s Day heart. Make it happy. Give it a home. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Aaaaargh. Another Aaaargh. Is that enough?

via Instagram Filed under: art Tagged: IFTTT, Instagram

cartoon life: Sometimes I have nothing to say

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