The Political Road Map: Cultural Appropriation of Indigenous Art?

Today, CBC showcased a story about a Toronto artist, who had her show cancelled, over an allegation that her work is actually a form of cultural appropriation. Amanda PL is the artist in question and defends that her work is inspired by the art style of famous indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau. For those who do ...

PostArctica: This Is A Bench! Enjoy!

Picture taken in the area that will become the Verdun beach. Going to miss the rugged spontaneity,  the urban explorer sensibility, that got so beautifully cultivated in an organic manner through here.

PostArctica: Like Bertolucci’s The Conformist

The Conformist is a film by Bernardo Bertolucci that for all its political subject matter is an astonishingly beautiful film to watch. I have never forgotten the chase scene through the woods that was probably shot at dusk using available light. It is a scene also reminiscent of Barry Lyndon for that particular technical reason. ...

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Christian Pop Culture Beyond Salavation

There was a time when religion commissioned great and wondrous art. Awe-inspiring cathedrals were built by the most grand and innovative architects. Beautiful music for masses were composed by the greatest musical minds in history. Religious paintings were created with skills and passion that have yet to be matched, even hundreds of years later. Art ...

PostArctica: Fake Fake Art by Andreas Schmidt


PostArctica: Unmanifest At BBAM! Gallery

Stopped in last night at the opening of this show at BBAM! Gallery featuring the work of two excellent young artists, Lana Filippone and Adam Giroux. From the Facebook page… THROUGH THE PAST INTO THE FUTURE : UNMANIFEST This is probably one of the most ambitious exhibitions we’ve ever attempted at BBAM! Gallery. Painter Adam ...

cartoon life: Watching the world burn

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PostArctica: Walking With Andy

Walking with Andy he talks and talks he copies things and gets on my nerves he has been to China I respect that but it looked boring (he didn’t get it) He said the sky sucked in my picture and I agreed So we did this together he laughed I admitted It was better so ...

The Canadian Progressive: Art for innovation’s sake? Lessons from our Canadian cousin

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is making significant investments in the Canadian public broadcasting, the arts and creative industries. A lesson for other countries on “how to tap into the creative capital of a society.” The post Art for innovation’s sake? Lessons from our Canadian cousin appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

PostArctica: Roadsworth Mural in Little Burgundy.

Stumbled on to this large mural that was apparently completed yesterday in Little Burgundy. The guys you see in the picture are applying anti graffiti coatings to the work and it’s supports. Not sure what the reaction will be locally but it is a nice colorful and coherent look at the local history while honouring ...

PostArctica: Bus Stop With Dirt Picture

Realized lately that two projects that I have had going in the last couple of years, Bus Stops and Dirt, have started interacting. Not sure I completely approve, yet, it is what it is. I recently was transporting some pictures from The Point to Verdun and got the idea for this picture. It may not ...

cartoon life: Hey, Lorne Avenue, read this!

Where is Underwater Wonders? Filed under: art

PostArctica: Fantastic Night In Verdun

Friday evening was a celebration of a wonderful project started over a year ago by the Comité d’action des citoyennes et citoyens de Verdun (CACV). The basic idea is to create a lease registry whereby prospective tenants can consult a registry to see how much the previous tenants were paying in a given rental location ...

cartoon life: London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

Only look to where you can see Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council ...

cartoon life: Pre-Order ‘Hey Wendy Watch This!’

You might not believe that these stories are true but they are! Life was full of remarkable adventure as Deb grew up East of Adelaide from 1955 to 1974. The book covers neighbourhood and school-time stories from EOA, Lorne Avenue School and Beck Collegiate. There are humourous stories and some not so humourous. My sister’s book recounts her adventures ...

cartoon life: Four colour panel discussion at Tingfest

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cartoon life: My stolen bike #ldnont

This is my freshly stolen bike. Some one for whom I have no polite words walked into my garage, removed the obviously unsanitary water bottle and took my bike. Why would anyone want to steal their grandfather’s bike is beyond me. Bronze and black Trek 300 hybrid mountain street bike. New tires. New chain. New ...

cartoon life: At my exhibition

Sitting at a table is boring. But watching people look at artwork isn’t really. Just loafing. [end] samu press blog _ cartoon life _ @dougsamu _ doug at G+ Filed under: art Tagged: freecomicbookday, ldnont, madeWithPaper, meet the artist, TingFest

ezra winton: 20 Questions for Film Curators

This past winter I taught a graduate seminar course at Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia University) entitled “Curatorial Labour and the Politics of Programming.” It was a fantastic and meaningful experience and I was fortunate enough to have 13 really great students, all of whom suffered along with me as I attempted to make sense ...

cartoon life: Images from TingFest opening night

Images from Tingfest Filed under: art

cartoon life: Pillows for your cats

Art from TingFest III 2016 by doug rogers   It can’t be helped or prevented. Here are some products with my images from TingFest III. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Napping on the table

The dining room table was cleared for a day or so. And we haven’t napped there yet. So it must be done. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: My cat art images for Tingfest III 2016

I expect some of my readers will not be able to make it to LondonOnt for this exhibition. Here are the images. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Goofy sketchy cat

Being goofy in Sketches. I like the new pen. I wonder why I don’t use this app more often. Some nice watercolour tools. Filed under: art

mark a rayner: Congo: a chimp, an artist, a cautionary tale

Congo began his artistic career when he worked with Desmond Morris, anthropologist, TV presenter and writer of such books as The Human Animal, The Naked Ape, and Chimps-r-Us. Initially, Morris gave Congo the paints just to mess with the poor ape’s head, but after a couple of years, Congo got the hang of it, and ...