cartoon life: Another power outage solution. Draw something.

cartoon life: What to do when the power fails

cartoon life: Ministers of the faith #11

These goofy drawings seem to come out of fooling about with some new tool in some new app. Test the tool, see what kind of marks it makes, scribble something else on the page and just follow along. I don’t direct them at all. After a while I just trace over what hasn’t been drawn ...

cartoon life: “At Least 22 Cats” book arrives

Seriously? Dude, I’m trying to take a nap here! The newest book arrived today, and it needs to go through numbering and signing of the 20 book limited edition run and mailing a copy to Libraries Canada. I want to save the release for TingFest, approaching fast from from April 17 to May 5, 2018!  

Things Are Good: How Trent University Preserves Canadian Architecture

Like other art forms styles come and go in architecture; and when styles go in architecture it can result in demolition of buildings (and thus history). In Canada university and college campuses sprung up in the 60s to accommodate the influx of baby boomers so the style of these campuses reflect the style of the ...

cartoon life: His mind has always been free

So many of the images I’ve seen about the death of Stephen Hawking are basically about the wheelchair, and how now his body is free. I think it’s a bit of low hanging fruit really, compassionate, easy to grasp, literal, christian imagery. I think they all miss a deeper point, that his mind has always ...

cartoon life: Trump and Kim Jong to talk.

It’s the age of Big Hair Diplomacy

Scripturient: La Bohème at the Galaxy

Starving bohemian artists living in drafty Paris attics in the mid-19th century, struggling to produce their art, falling in and out of love, sharing and suffering, living and dying, all done while singing. That’s La Bohème in a nutshell. I am embarrassed, even ashamed to admit I’ve never been to the opera. Not to a ...

Scripturient: Reading as a forgotten art

Earlier this month (February, 2018), the Globe & Mail published an essay by author Michael Harris titled, “I have forgotten how to read.” In it, he recounted how he recently tried to read a single chapter of a book, but failed. Frustrated, instead turned to TV: Paragraphs swirled; sentences snapped like twigs; and sentiments bled ...

Things Are Good: Let’s Save Brutalism

Saving architecture through Twitter seems a little odd, yet the #SOSBrutalism movement has engendered an appreciation for an architectural style and saving buildings from demolition. Critics of brutalism describe the style as ugly and oppressive despite its rich history and beauty. As a result of the under-appreciation brutalist architecture many brutalist buildings are being demolished ...

cartoon life: My kind of snowblower. Tesla should make these.

Yes, I have been busy with LondOntLife, clearing snow from sidewalks, and neglectful of this blog.

cartoon life: How I’m seeing nowadays

Seriously, the head cold and the cough rattle your eyeballs.

PostArctica: 3 Quotes

I like common materials, whatever is at hand, but especially stones. I like the idea that stones are what the world is made of. Richard Long …if the villain – who is of course a coward – takes refuge behind the ropes, claiming his right to do so by a brazen gesture, he is pitilessly ...

PostArctica: Some Sculptors

Subodh Gupta “Subodh Gupta (born in 1964) is an Indian Contemporary artist based in New Delhi. Trained as a painter, he went on to experiment with a variety of media. His work encompasses sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance and video. He is married to artist Bharti Kher and is represented by Hauser & Wirth and ...

PostArctica: 3 Post-Photographers

Yang Yongliang   is a Chinese artist who uses photography and video to create new versions of  landscapes and the city.   Website Rune Guneriussen is an artist after my own heart, installing, photographing, and moving on.   Website   Cristina de Middel   (born 1975 in Alicante, Spain) is a documentary photographer and artist living ...

cartoon life: ‘Murica…

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cartoon life: Colour in a black cat

Still looking to find colour in a black cat, when I have the occasion. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Today’s nap

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cartoon life: Settling in for nap

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cartoon life: Old man cat reflecting on his childhood

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cartoon life: Cat with jacket

I tried a more careful drawing system, knocking in grey tones, and going in both directions. Results look about the same. As a more direct approach. Filed under: art

wmtc: our papyrus painting is finally on the wall

You can read the story of how we got these: here. This, below, is the smaller painting that the salesman added to the pot after the price would budge no further. It is possibly painted on banana leaf, a cheaper and less durable papyrus substitute. There is also a third, yet smaller painting, also “thrown ...

cartoon life: Black cat on couch

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cartoon life: Pumpkin! 2017

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cartoon life: Existential chair

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