cartoon life: It’s a world of dots out there!

In the What do Cats See series. I’ve been playing with brushes in Procreate, and indulging my writers block, by just make a mark, any mark and see what happens mode, also. So there will be a string of unusual images over the next weeks. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Zenbrush cat with engraving filter

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cartoon life: Zenbrush cat

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cartoon life: 5 Minutes of your time

Things do move. Really. Filed under: art Tagged: Movie

cartoon life: A journey

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cartoon life: A rainstorm

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PostArctica: Graffiti In Cote Saint Paul

Industrial section.

PostArctica: Late Summer Melancholy of An Arch

Rolling on foot into Westmount today and took a pic which reminds me of Giorgio de Chirico’s Mystery and Melancholy of a Street. Here is Giorgio’s version. And here is mine. Maybe I am just crazy, getting old, but I see paintings in photographs, or, but its not a problem. The interesting thing is that ...

cartoon life: Another rain drawing

Surrendering to Zen Brush app Sumi style storms. Filed under: art

Things Are Good: Saving Knowledge From Going Extinct

Ultimology is a new field of thought which may help is in the future when we need it the most and don’t realize it. It’s the study of of extinct or endangered subjects, theories, and tools of learning. The Department of Ultimology is an art project that has set out to interpret what the study ...

cartoon life: Colourful black cat

Then it became a sunny day. Filed under: art

cartoon life: Zen brush rain cloud.

That was a heckuva storm. Filed under: art

PostArctica: Triptych #1 – Monet, McLaughlin and Turner

cartoon life: Hot dog!

Fooling around with brushes in Procreate, saying yes to whatever stupid idea comes along. Filed under: art

PostArctica: Triptych #2 – Richter, McLaughlin, and Rauschenberg (with corners erased)

cartoon life: Red field

I don’t know what these things mean. I just draw ’em. Filed under: art

PostArctica: Center Jenny, 2013 – Ryan Trecartin

The avant garde today?   More from Ryan Trecartin here

PostArctica: I Googled Sandals

PostArctica: Animals With Sharpies

Cool book I found at the library last week. Animals With Sharpies by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber.   And you can order a copy here if you do not object to ordering from a monolithic corporation

cartoon life: Nice line, buddy!

Loving the line quality from this Procreate customized brush I created. Worn inker bleedy Filed under: art

cartoon life: Planet Nibiru coming out of the depths of space to destroy the world.

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cartoon life: From the beach, Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands

Our last day we walk up the beach along the North Sea. This is remarkable colour-wise, for drawing on a sunny day outside when the screen is quite hard to see, and you guess at the colour on the palette. Filed under: art

cartoon life: The beach at the North Sea at Wassenaar

Is it really so unusual for a person the have never seen a tide? I thought, as I sat and watched the waves lick farther and farther up the flat that yes, really, I had never seen a tide before. This was a gentle one. Holidaying children from various parts of Europe played in the ...

cartoon life: At The Kröller Möller

The family has a history no doubt. And if you choose to visit the museum, set aside some travel time, and a good chunk of viewing time. There is a lot to see in this really wonderful collection. Most famously the van Gogh’s, but much much much other stuff you studied in art history, and ...

cartoon life: The old man as a young man

Two museums, two really intense museums in one day. So, no, they didnt hang this cockeyed. Im certain there are people who know how to look at things. And no one really objected to me standing in front of this without earphones and an audio guide. I stepped away politely when someone urgently needed a ...