Quebec voters to break separatist deadlock?

It seems that Quebec voters are warming up to the idea of voting NDP. It was only a matter of time before voters there would tire of separatist parties and would tire of wasting their vote for a party that could never govern or have a meaningful role in power. Their flirtation with the NDP is entirely surprising and not so surprising actually.

Quebec is a progressive province. Its been socially liberal since before the phrase was ever coined. Most are supportive of the liberal social policies of the NDP, pro-union, pro-environment, and anti-Ottawa. But for generations, since there was a political force that embodied the separatist movement, Quebec voters were stuck between the party that wanted independence, and the party that would fight the separatists, even if that federal party wasn’t as socially progressive as Quebec voters really are.

What a difference an election campaign makes. Jack Layton is more popular that Gilles Duceppe, and is eroding into the BQ base.

Finally, this deadlock is about to be blown wide open.