Premier Clark probably knew everything

#bcpoli #ethnicgate #corrution @bcliberals Its pretty rich for Premier Christy Clark to claim ignorance in a scandal that has engulfed employees in her own Premier’s office…and very unlikely that she was clueless about the strategy to harvest the ethnic vote as if it was a crop in the field. Premier Clark

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Obama wins a new term!

#gop #barackobama #mittromney #uspoli #cdnpoli #obamacare

Having a chance to digest the American Presidential elections, I am glad that American voters opted to stay the course and not venture into Romneyland politics and that of a dysfunctional Tea P…

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It is a war on women

#gop #rushlimbaugh #mittromney #ricksantorum Republican contenders for the nomination of their party claim that the spat over contraception has nothing to do with a ‘war on women’, but a battle against a big-government mandate to force religious affiliated institutions from providing contraception and other related products from heathcare plans of

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HST delimma

#hst #bcpoli #bcndp #bclib

So, we’re about to get our vote on the BC HST that was rudely dropped on the province. I have to admit that I am on the fence on the tax and I hate that fact.

I want to oppose the HST. I am just as furious about how former …

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Its not going to work

#ndp #elxn41 #jacklayton #cpc #toronto
The recent smear on Jack Layton isn’t going to work. Remember Bill Clinton? His extra marital affair was used by his conservative enemies to undermine his office and tried to impeach him from office. Hardly a tre…

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