Alberta Diary: Terror of terrorism and the Second Amendment: Whatever became of the indomitable American spirit?

The indomitable American spirit personified above. Whatever became of it? Below: Bogie as Philip Marlowe, with gun; the leader of another English-speaking country refusing to knuckle under to the Luftwaffe, also with gun. We have learned, courtesy the news media, that membership in the National Rifle Association has surged past five million souls since the ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: NRA Calls On U.S. Government To Expand Federal Workforce By 100,000!

That’s about how many public schools there are in America with, according to NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre, an armed guard in each one.  That’s about $4,000,000,000 peer year.  I thought this LaPierre guy was supposed to be a conservative.