Montreal Simon: Why Chris Alexander Should Resign Immediately

After keeping a low profile for a few days, and no doubt trying to forget the ghastly image of that poor little boy on the beach, he's out there again.Cheerfully tweeting away… And giving us a big thumbs up.But in his private moments Chris Alexander must be haunted by the ghost of Alan Kurdi.Because it turns out ...

Montreal Simon: The Desperate Stephen Harper and the Ghastly Bigot of Oz

It couldn't be more desperate or more absurd or more obscene. And the timing couldn't be worse. Just as Stephen Harper seems to be bowing to public pressure, and preparing to finally do something to help desperate Syrian refugees. The Conservatives, after continued criticism they are not doing enough to address the Syrian refugee crisis, are expected to ...

Montreal Simon: Another Great Video And Even More Reasons To Stop Harper

Earlier today I ran this adbuster's video with its reasons we deserve better than Stephen Harper and his monstrous regime… Now here's another powerful video with even more reasons to Stop Harper…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Are We Finally Witnessing the Total Collapse of the Harper Regime?

Yesterday I told you that the mood in the Con War Room couldn't be grimmer, and that the mood on their bus couldn't be more toxic. And that many were blaming Jenni Byrne.Well now Byrne has been kicked off the bus and sent back to Ottawa. One of Stephen Harper's closest advisers is being sent back to ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s New and Obscene War on Refugees

As you know, Stephen Harper has been caught in a trap of his own making.Caught between the majority of Canadians who are demanding that him and his grotesque regime do more to help desperate Syrian refugees.And the bigotry of his rabid base who are violently opposed to that idea, unless the migrants are Christians. So now he is ...

Montreal Simon: The Wheels Really Are Falling Off the Con Campaign

As you know I've been having a bit of fun following the Con campaign bus as it roars down the road, from one tightly controlled photo op to another.Or limps into third place.And for a few weeks I've been hearing rumours that all is not well on the big blue machine. And that Jenni Byrne, the PMO ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Really REALLY Bad Day

Well I can only imagine what Stephen Harper must have been feeling like when he returned to his war room or his rubber room last night.But he must have been fit to be tied, or bouncing off the walls.Because he couldn't have had a worse day. There just wasn't ANY good news.It was all horrible…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Peegate: The Latest and Totally Disgusting Con Scandal

I must admit I'm a bit apprehensive about writing about the Con's latest scandal, because I do try to keep this blog as decent as possible.And this latest scandal is just so GROSS. So be warned.But it seems some Con candidate has been caught in the act, relieving himself in the wrong place.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Labour Day and the Great Union War on Stephen Harper

Today is Labour Day, and all over the country tens of thousands of Canadians will be marching and celebrating the splendid achievements of the union movement.And this year this day will be even more special.For it will mark the beginning of the union movement's all out war on Stephen Harper. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Disastrous State of the Con Campaign

When Stephen Harper launched the longest election campaign since 1926, he no doubt hoped that by now he would have crushed his political enemiesThrown them under the wheels of his mighty bus.Or smeared them beyond recognition as he flew over them in his shiny new plane… And if that campaign had been normal in length, we would ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Refugee Trap That Could Destroy Him

They buried little Alan Kurdi, next to his brother and his mother yesterday, in the shattered Syrian town of Kobani. Just a week ago he was apparently jumping up and down with excitement at the thought of going to Europe, in a boat.But as we know, like so many other Syrian refugees, he never made it… But ...

Montreal Simon: The Dead Syrian Boy and the Ghastly Denial of the Harper Cons

It couldn't have been a more revolting spectacle, or one more monstrous.The heartbreaking image of that poor little Syrian boy lying dead on a beach.And three Con monkeys in denial. All shedding crocodile tears, but claiming to be blameless.Even as their campaign went into crisis mode.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s War on Canada and Its Values

Many hours after I first saw it, I am still haunted by this photo of that poor little Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach. And by the knowledge that his refugee family begged the ghastly Chris Alexander to let them emigrate to Canada. But got absolutely nowhere.But while I’m disgusted I’m not really surprised. ...

Montreal Simon: The Day Rosemary Barton Destroyed the Con Clown Chris Alexander

As you may know, I absolutely despise Chris Alexander, the Con Minister of  Citizenship and Immigration.The once promising young diplomat who sold his soul to Stephen Harper.And morphed into something monstrous like the ghastly portrait in the Picture of Dorian Gray.The kind of man who would deny health care to refugee claimants.And would do ANYTHING ...

Montreal Simon: The New Recession and the Lies Stephen Harper Told Us

Well at least now we know why Stephen Harper was twisting himself into knot, or looking like he was auditioning for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, by refusing to even mention the dreaded 'R' word.So now that it's official, Canada is in a recession. He could continue to deny reality. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Wallin Affair: Stephen Harper Is Already Changing His Story

We still have to wait and see whether the Crown will lay charges against Pamela Wallin now that the RCMP has wrapped up its investigation.But already Stephen Harper is being asked questions about that other Senate scandal.And already, and as usual, he is changing his story. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Recession Nightmare and the Return of Pamela Wallin

The timing couldn't be worse. Just when Stephen Harper thought he had escaped the stench of the Duffy scandal, and could now focus all his efforts on posing as a Great Economist Leader.The economy is turning into a living nightmare.He's having to twist himself into a knot, or a Tim Hortons' kruller, to avoid using ...

Montreal Simon: Why Is Jason Kenney Posing As a Finance Minister?

I had been wondering where Jason Kenney had been hiding. But suddenly there he was on TV.Having apparently traded in his job as Defence Minister, to pose as a Finance Minister.With a new and flexible definition of the word recession.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The King of Mean and the Bullying of Harperman’s Tony Turner

It has been several days since the Harper regime suspended the federal scientist Tony Turner for writing and singing the song Harperman.And as expected it has triggered a debate over whether public servants can be political activists.And while some Cons claim they can't, and that they must remain loyal to their monstrous master.The Supreme Court settled ...

Montreal Simon: Does Stephen Harper Agree With the Republican Loon Scott Walker?

Scott Walker is one of the most reactionary Republican candidates, a union basher, an anti-gay bigot, and a fascist if ever there was one.And now he's trying to out trump Donald Trump.For while Trump wants to build a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border,Walker thinks it might be a good idea to build a wall ...

Montreal Simon: What I Believe This Election Should Be About But So Far Isn’t

It has to be the strangest election campaign I have ever known. In the condo jungle where I live it's hard to know one is even underway. There are no lawns, so there are no lawn signs.I have received only one pamphlet, from the local Con candidate. Which I quickly turned into a paper plane, ...

Montreal Simon: More Evidence the Duffy Scandal Is Destroying Stephen Harper

It was a shocking and deeply disturbing sight. And it could only make Canadians wonder whether Stephen Harper was still mentally fit to be Prime Minister.For there he was today, trying to mock the size of Justin Trudeau's deficit.But only managing to look more crazy and more desperate.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harperman: The Anti-Harper Song Goes Viral !!!

If Stephen Harper thought he could get away with punishing the scientist Tony Turner for daring to write and and sing the song Harperman, he must be sorry now.For as I said yesterday it is an outrageous assault on freedom of expression.And as I predicted it has only made the song even more popular. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime Goes After the Man Who Wrote Harperman

About two months ago I played this gentle, joyful song of resistance aimed at the depraved dictator Stephen Harper and his criminal Con regime.It was written and performed by Toby Turner a scientist at Environment Canada. And I thought it was great. I liked the music and the lyrics, especially the chorus.We want you gone (gone, gone) You and your pawn ...

Montreal Simon: The Incredible Cowardice of the Mad King Stephen Harper

He is already the best protected Prime Minister in Canadian history. Wherever he goes he is surrounded by an army of RCMP bodyguards.His motorcade of sinister black vehicles is as big or bigger than Obama's secret service convoys.No ordinary Canadians can get anywhere near him. Only Con supporters who have been vetted by his office.But ...