Alberta Diary: Remember the reason for the season: It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas

Jiggers, look busy, it’s Krampus! And why is this mom giving him the thumbs up, I wonder? Below: Santa Claus, the God of Coca-Cola; Che Guevara; and Jesus Christ. Never mind Jesus Christ! It’s time to put Krampus back into Christmas. Who the hell is Krampus, you wonder? Well, we’ll get to that at the ...

cartoon life: Those Italian trees in Rome

I scrolled through some photos from the summer trip to Italy and spent some time fooling around in Popsicolor. As I periodically check the camera roll on the iPad some of the treatments stand out. Thought I’d share them. Filed under: art Tagged: Rome, trees

cartoon life: The Pantheon 2

The 1700 year old part. Filed under: art Tagged: italy, Rome

cartoon life: The Pantheon

Raphael sleeps here. Filed under: art Tagged: italy, Rome

cartoon life: The wall outside Vatican City

All the secrets are inside. Filed under: art Tagged: italy, Rome, Vatican, wall

cartoon life: Rome Vespa girl

Filed under: art Tagged: girl, Rome, scooter, Vespa

The Scott Ross: A More Democratic Senate Is Less So

Canadians certainly are no Nero, but they do have at least one thing in common with the late Roman emperor. In 64 AD it is said that while Rome burned its emperor Nero fiddled. That while his city suffered calamity he amused himself with music. Today Canadians are doing something similar. Rome may not be ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Schism opens way for creation of SinoPope

The Global Express: The Revealer: The Pantheon

CNN’s “The Revealer” did a story about The Pantheon in Rome. It brings to light the new scientific reasons behind its infamous dome and the reasoning for the round light source at the peak of the dome. The new theory being that the Pantheon was build to be a colossal sundial during the Hadrian times. ...

World Headlines Review: Riots and Disparity: Rome, London and Toronto

International headlines in the last two weeks have reported a massive amount of social unrest and unsettling news across the developed world, including riots and economic data which on the surface may appear discordant and unrelated, but are united as part of larger political and economic trends.  Fees Protest, by Andrea_F Days of protests and ...