Montreal Simon: Did Donald Trump Just Convict Himself?

Even though Donald Trump must be feeling terribly betrayed by Mike Flynn's decision to cooperate with Bob Mueller, and sing like a canary.As he should, because as I said earlier today, Flynn's testimony could end up sending Trump to the Big House. The Orange Oaf was able to stay off Twitter for almost a day, no ...

Montreal Simon: Michael Flynn and the Unravelling of Donald Trump

Two days after Donald Trump was elected president, Barack Obama warned him not to hire Michael Flynn for any national security job. But Trump didn't listen to him, he made Flynn his national security adviser.And of course now he's sorry. Very sorry. President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the ...

Montreal Simon: Has Donald Trump Gone Stark Raving Mad?

We've always known that Donald Trump is a virulent racist, and that strange and dirty things swirl around in his head.And in the last few days he has been teetering on the edge of the abyss, with his tweets becoming more and bizarre. Or more and more deranged,But now he has finally exceeded the last bounds of sanity and ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump’s Sad and Scary Thanksgiving

As you probably know, yesterday Americans celebrated their Thanksgiving or Turkey Day. And sadly, there was at first glance, very little to give thanks for this year.Although the biggest turkey in the United States, the so-called Orange Oaf, begged to disagree.Claiming that it was the BEST Thanksgiving EVER.And strongly suggesting that ALL Americans should thank ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump’s Deeply Disturbing Twitter Weekend

Even by Donald Trump's insanely low standards, his behaviour on Twitter in the last 48 hours couldn't be more deranged and deeply disturbing.Firing out tweets in every direction as if he was in some fevered frenzy.Looking and sounding more and more like a maniac.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is Donald Trump Preparing To Fire Robert Mueller?

His terrified White House aides say they have never seen Donald Trump looking and sounding so crazy.The terrorist tragedy in New York has temporarily distracted him, but according to reports he has only one thing on his mind.How to save himself and his family from the grim reaper Robert Mueller.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump’s Scary Halloween Horror Show

Well just as I predicted, it's Donald Trump's worst Halloween ever. What with Bob Mueller indicting three of his advisers.And revealing new campaign ties with Russia.As well as revealing that one of those advisers, George Papadopoulos, was collaborating with the FBI and may have been wearing a wire.But despite that devastating news, many political observers were ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Nightmare Before Halloween

It's the weekend before Halloween, and Donald Trump has been looking more orange than ever.Trying to convince Americans that he's not afraid of Bob Mueller's investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election. And that Hillary Clinton should be the one trembling in her boots.But sadly for Trump, Bob Mueller doesn't seem to agree.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Hurricane Mueller Finally Strikes The Trump White House

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Hurricane Mueller was closing in on Donald Trump at an alarming speed.I said it was gathering strength with every passing day.And that it was only a matter of time before it came ashore at the Trump White House.Well now Mueller has finally arrived.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Deadly Threat of Hurricane Mueller

As you can imagine, Donald Trump has so many things to worry about these days. What with Hurricane Irma threatening to engulf the state of FloridaAnd the Hispanic Hurricane Jose following so closely behind.It's a climate change denier's AND a bigot's nightmare. But of course the hurricane he's really worried about is Hurricane Mueller.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Night Donald Trump Went Off The Deep End

On Monday, after his speech on Afghanistan, some in the media were praising Donald Trump for looking and sounding "presidential."Which I thought was hilarious because I knew it wouldn't last. And sure enough it didn't.For if he was Dr Jekyll on Monday, last night in Phoenix he was Mr Hyde.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Mueller Moment of Truth

He is the man Donald Trump fears the most, the man who keeps him awake at night.Robert Mueller, the man investigating the Trump mob. The man who could nail his family, bounce him out of power, and make him look like the biggest loser EVER.And yesterday Trump's nightmare became even more real. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the End Game Scenarios

They've been praying up a storm at the White House, laying their hands on Donald Trump.And begging for heavenly intervention, or at least a get-out-of-jail card.But it's going to take more than the power of prayer to save Trump and his corrupt regime.And nobody knows that more than the mad king himself.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Isn’t It Time To Ask What’s Wrong With Donald Trump?

You can see the fear in Donald Trump's piggy eyes. You can smell his desperation.After somebody shot some Republican congressmen, he tried so hard to look and sound like a president. But that new found restraint only lasted for about 48-hours.Before his madness erupted again.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Trumpdiddlydumper’s Worst Birthday Ever

It was Donald Trump's 71st birthday yesterday, and I think it's safe to say it wasn't a very happy one.First he found out that somebody had been shooting Republicans.Which since he is notoriously cowardly, must have had him wondering whether he might be next, and whether he really needed to be president.Then came the devastating news ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump’s Deeply Disturbing Loyalty Test

Donald Trump is still claiming that he did not try to force James Comey to sign a loyalty oath. And that Comey is the liar not him. But yesterday we got an idea of the kind of loyalty Boss Trump demands from those who work for him. And not only did it reinforce Comey's claim, it couldn't ...