Alberta Politics: And now for the hard part … getting businesses and right-wing commentators to curb their hysteria

PHOTOS: Alberta NDP premier-elect Rachel Notley at the centre of media attention. Below: NDP premiers Dave Barrett of British Columbia and Bob Rae of Ontario, back in the day; columnist and NDP activist Gerald Caplan. And now, the hard part … If you thought overcoming the supposed Progressive Conservative juggernaut piloted by hastily departing premier ... - Alberta Politics: Alberta Election 2015 By The Numbers

Date of Alberta’s 2015 election: May 5, 2015 Date of Alberta’s 2016 fixed-election: Between March 1 and May 31, 2016 Total number of votes cast in the 2015 election (unofficial results): 1,486,877 Total number of votes cast in the 2012 election… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: The Monstrous Harper Cons and their New Albertastan

Holy flying monkey. What a difference a day makes. Up until yesterday Alberta was the Con's favourite province, their shiny Oily Oz.But then came Rachel Notley as the new Dorothy, and painted it orange. And now it's their despised Albertastan. Read more »

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Alberta: What It All Means

1) Its not great news for the LPC.  Though federal NDP leader Angry Tom is entirely without The Notley Charm, some residual glow from her victory will surely fall upon him.  Trudeau’s Liberals now face a reinvigorated party on their left.  Although see below.2)  Its not great news for the CPC.  In parts of the ...

In This Corner: Coming to grips the the ungrippable.

Sometimes, there are events that are so huge, it’s difficult to wrap your brain around all of the elements involved, and try to come up with some sort of reason as to why it happened. The Alberta election of 2015 is one of those events. For 43 years, we’ve had one-party rule in this province. ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Dynasty is Dead! All Hail the New Orange Crush!

Let’s be honest folks, this election win by Rachel Notley and the NDP was completely unexpected here in what has been fortress Tory Alberta for the last 44 years.  I watched the election write itself out with trepidation for the first hour and a half, because one can never forget, this is Alberta, and for ...

Cowichan Conversations: That’s It For Jim Prentice-He Does Not Want To Stay as Leader of 3rd Place PC’s

Start your shredders gentleman. We lost, they won and I am getting out of Dodge! Now in truth PC ‘s defeated leader Jim Prentice might not have said that or framed it that way, but Read more…

Alberta Politics: Pinch me! Am I dreaming? Canada’s ‘most conservative’ province elects an NDP majority

PHOTOS: Rachel Notley, Alberta’s premier-elect, smiles at 1,000 or more of her supporters last night in an Edmonton hotel ballroom. Below: Two more views of Ms. Notley during her victory speech. Well, how d’ya like them oranges? Alberta New Democratic Party, 53 seats; Wildrose Party, 20; Progressive Conservative Party, 11; Alberta Liberal Party, 1; Alberta ...

Montreal Simon: The Day the NDP Painted Alberta Orange

It had to be one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen on TV. So beautiful I almost couldn't believe it.I just sat there stunned.But it was true. What once seemed like an impossible dream had actually happened.Rachel Notley and the NDP had crushed the Cons to smithereens, and turned Alberta ORANGE. Read more »

Calgary Grit: Alberta didn’t change – but its image will

The defeat of the PCs seemed unthinkable a few months ago. The notion they could lose to the NDP would have been laughable. But this is how politics in Alberta works. Every 30 or 40 years, a Chinook blows over the mountain and sweeps in a new government who has never before held power. So ...

The Canadian Progressive: Prospect of NDP government in Alberta terrifies Harper Conservatives

The prospect of a Rachel Notley-led New Democrat government in Alberta terrifies Premier Jim Prentice, the Harper Conservatives and their Big Oil backers. The post Prospect of NDP government in Alberta terrifies Harper Conservatives appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: Alberta: New Poll Suggests the NDP is Heading for a Blowout Victory

With just a few hours to go before Albertans go to the polls, in what could be a historic election, the excitement continues to mount.And while some experts are still predicting that Jim Prentice's election day machine will allow him to keep his job.A new poll is predicting that Rachel Notley's NDP is heading for a ...

Alberta Politics: NDP Leader Rachel Notley proves electrifying political speech-making still thrives in Canada

Surrounded by candidates, Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley pauses during her speech as something like 1,500 supporters cheer her on in Edmonton yesterday. Below: Part of the crowd at Sunday’s rally; Ms. Notley interviewed by the media at a post-speech news conference; Ms. Notley during the newser. There may have been better Canadian political stump ... - Alberta Politics: An Orange Chinook howls in Alberta. Is the PC dynasty at its end?

How badly do the Progressive Conservatives need to mess up for Albertans to want to elect an NDP government? It may sound like a silly question in the context of Alberta politics, but we might find an answer on May 5. Judging… Continue Reading →

Susan on the Soapbox: Fearmongering or Hopemongering? It’s Your Call Alberta

“I think it has deteriorated into groundless name-calling, and it’s certainly not the strategy that I would take.”—Rachel Notley reflecting on comments made by Jim Prentice and Brian Jean To hear Jim Prentice and Brian Jean tell it, Rachel Notley’s plan to create a royalty commission and increase corporate taxes to 12% is an anti-free ...

Montreal Simon: The Day Jim Prentice’s Fear Campaign Got a Slap in the Face

With just two days to go before the Alberta election the excitement is mounting, and so is the fear campaign.With Jim Prentice and his Big Business posse trying to scare the people of that province into voting for them and not the NDP.And today it was Big Oil's turn to try to rescue the crumbling ... - Alberta Politics: Hope and Fear: 2 days until Alberta’s election

With only two full days left before the May 5 provincial election, the 43-year long governing Progressive Conservatives and its supporters are waging a thick fear campaign against its electoral challengers. On May 1, five corporate CEOs and PC Party donors held… Continue Reading →

Alberta Politics: Zombie Confidence Fairy finally rears its head as the 2015 Campaign of Fear gets up steam in Alberta

A group of five prominent Edmonton businessmen with ties to the Prentice Progressive Conservative Party tried to talk some sense into us crazy Albertans yesterday about voting NDP during a news conference in the Melcor Developments’ boardroom in downtown Edmonton. From left to right: John Cameron, Paul Verhesen, Doug Goss, Ashif Mawji and Tim Melton. ...

Accidental Deliberations: On relative popularity

Jim Prentice is warning Albertans that they should vote for him lest they be governed by somebody like Tom Mulcair. Jim Prentice’s approval rating in Alberta is 22%. Tom Mulcair’s approval rating in Alberta is 42%. Which means, shorter Jim Prentice: You may think you’re getting an exquisitely prepared filet mignon when you vote NDP, ...

Accidental Deliberations: Failures of imagination and arithmetic

Colby Cosh’s latest includes this explanation as to why he wants to write off the party which holds a strong lead in Alberta’s polls: The province-wide NDP numbers, whichever set you prefer, are conceptually hard to translate into large numbers of seats outside Edmonton. Former Calgary alderman Joe Ceci, running for the NDP, is thought ...

Montreal Simon: Rona Ambrose and the Disgusting Con Fear Campaign in Alberta

Oh no. I can't believe it. She's at it again. Rona Ambrose just can't stop scaring people, and has absolutely no idea of her own limitations. Just a few days ago she was terrorizing the peaceful residents of Vancouver by posing as a Health Minister AND a Justice Minister. And demanding that they close down their ...

In This Corner: Election roulette: picking winners in the impossible election

There is only one thing I can say with absolute certainty about the provincial election of 2015. Jim Prentice has made a terrible, terrible mistake. After that, all bets are off. Even if Prentice wins Tuesday’s election (and I think they will; more on that later), Prentice is a loser. Even if he squeaks out ...

Alberta Politics: A vote for the NDP is a vote for change; a vote for the Wildrose Party is a vote for the same old Tory dynasty

PHOTOS: Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley. Below: Premier Jim Prentice, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean, neoconservative godfather Preston Manning. With five new polls yesterday showing Alberta’s New Democrats approaching minority government territory and the “ooga-booga” fear campaign against the NDP beginning in earnest, perhaps it’s time for Albertans who urgently want to rid our province of ... - Alberta Politics: Are Albertans afraid of changing their government?

Four days before Election Day, Progressive Conservative Party leader Jim Prentice stood on a stage in front of hall of supporters who paid $500 per plate to attend the evening fundraiser in downtown Edmonton. Mr. Prentice warned his audience of the… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: Alberta: The NDP Closes In On A Majority

It may be hard to believe, but something amazing is happening in Alberta.Other polls have documented the rise of the NDP.But now one is suggesting the party is closing in on a majority. Read more »