350 or bust: There’s Something Happening In the Air

Need some inspiration?  Check out this video: A powerful group of images of the brave people throughout our lifetime (and before) who took the front lines to sow the seeds of social change with peaceful demonstrations and were forcefully dealt with by the preservers of the status quo.

Dead Wild Roses: Liberal Viewer – Pepper Spray the best condiment.

Liberal Viewer is taking a fine tooth comb to the action of the police during the OWS protests.  More importantly he is speaking directly to what the character of the US is about.  It the US a constitutional democracy or is it a autocratic oligarchy that will defend the interests of the rich before the ...

Montreal Simon: Fox News and the Pepper Spray Turkey

It was an image that shocked the world. An image that should shock everybody. Right? But not Bill O’Reilly and the Fox News bimbo Megyn Kelly, who shrugged it off as just a “food product.” “I agree [the tape] looks bad,” Kelly says. It’s just that the protesters were sitting in a place where they ...

Tis the season to be

…pepper sprayed??: Twenty people, including children, were injured when a woman at a San Fernando Valley Walmart store used mace against other customers in what authorities referred to as a “competitive shopping” incident. […] Juan Castro, who was at the scene and took cell phone video of the aftermath, told KCBS correspondent Suraya Fadel, “Just ...

Pepper Spray! A yummy and delicious form of crowd control

Those wacky animators from Taiwan are at it again. Funny stuff. Bonus Megyn Kelly pepper spray goodness.

Excerpt from UC Davis 2010-2012 General Catalog: pepper spray

From Jay Rosen: UC Davis course catalog, pepper spray edition Applied Biological Systems Technology (College of Agricultural and Environmental Science) 176. Introduction to Pepper Spray. (3) Lecture— 3 hours. Prerequisite: Crowd Control Through Chemicals 122B. Basic uses of pepper spray in threatening, semi-threatening and completely non-threatening and utterly peaceful situations. Common

Five of Five: Amazon Gift Giving

Amazon’s product page for Pepper Spray is getting seriously owned right now. I didn’t know Amazon sold Pepper Spray. It’s not really funny, but it’s good to see people react to such a poor recommendation for Christmas shopping. via the Political Carnival

Lt. John Pike, UC Davis Police: Little Eichmann of the Day

Time to revive a dormant feature. Here’s the tough guy, pepper-spraying unarmed students. Can’t help but notice the contrast: students sitting peacefully and silently get pepper-sprayed in the face. Students trashing their campus and destroying vehicles because a child-rapist football coach got fired get … a stern frown? Full story here. Why do I get ...