Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Netflix Fiasco

Well this is certainly bizarre. Yesterday I portrayed Stephen Harper as the lead character from the TV series Breaking Bad, the crystal meth maker and dealer Walter White.The idea was to try to drive home my firm belief that not only is Stephen Harper a Con criminal, he is slowly going crazy.Only to have Harper ... Geist: Netflix Taxes and Canadian Digital Issues in the Election Spotlight

All party leaders should say NO to the Canadian Netflix tax! Here’s why this discussion should be one of the important digital issues on the spotlight in the election campaign. Article by Michael Geist read more

somecanuckchick dot com: What’s your favourite show on Netflix?

Apparently, Stephen Harper’s favourite show on Netflix is Breaking Bad… You know, the one about a high school Chemistry teacher w/ a pregnant wife and special needs teenager, struggling to make ends meet, when he is diagnosed w/ cancer and then decides to start making/selling Methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future. I wonder what ...

Trashy's World: Um. Ok. Where are the Cons going with this one?

A Netflix tax? When nothing has been said about this by, like, anyone? Did the PMO shortpants get a rogue focus group? Were they eating shrooms when they came up with this? Can someone please explain?   (0) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario Not so fast Bell, Canadians are not thieves

New Bell Media chief Mary Ann Tucke started with the wrong foot with Netflix ‘stealing’ comment. Article by Michael Geist Bell Media president Mary Ann Turcke sparked an uproar last week when she told a telecom conference that Canadians who use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access the U.S. version of Netflix are stealing. Turcke is ... Bell shouldn’t punish Canadians with 3-year contracts for watching U.S. Netflix

Funny but true. Why do Big Telecoms insist on finding ways to punish Canadians? Article by David Horrowitz OTTAWA — At the Canadian Telecom Summit on Friday, the CRTC announced new laws that will punish Canadians illegally accessing American Netflix with a restrictive 3-year Bell TV+Internet+Home Phone bundle package. read more Should Rogers be allowed to block us from watching Hockey Night online?

Big Telecom is running scared of cord-cutters – and is doing what it takes to block them from watching their favourite shows online. It looks like Rogers is even planning to block Canadians from watching Hockey Night online. They want to trap Canadians in expensive and outdated service plans – and they’re using their power ...

The Scott Ross: House of Cards

Red Tory v.3.0.3: House of Cards – American Style

As an inveterate fan of the original 1989 BBC series “House of Cards” I was highly skeptical that it could be successfully adapted into an American context. It had some pretty big shoes to fill, after all – most notably, the outstanding performance of Ian Richardson as the cunningly ambitious protagonist Francis Urquhart… a small ...