Alberta Politics: This is not just what terrorism looks like; it’s what a failed state looks like

PHOTOS: Is Old Glory, as the American flag was once known, now the banner of a failed state? Below: Donald Trump, president of the United States, divider, deceiver and denier in chief, incompetent and seemingly powerless to change anything (Photo: Flickr, Gage Skidmore.) “AT LEAST 58 DEAD AND 500 HURT IN LAS VEGAS AFTER GUNMAN ...

Montreal Simon: Remembering the Legacy of the Montreal Massacre

I had just finished my last post, about Donald Trump's plans to all but eliminate gun controls in the United States.When I suddenly remembered that tonight fourteen beams of light will rise into the sky from the summit of Mount Royal, so all Montrealers can see them.And remember what happened on a snowy day in that city twenty-seven ...

Politics and its Discontents: Unspeakable

If there is any good to come from this terrible massacre, let it be the realization that the things that may set us apart are small indeed compared to the bonds that unite us. Recommend this Post

Montreal Simon: The Montreal Massacre and the Never-ending Violence Against Women

At a time when the United States is going through yet another spasm of gun violence.And I see how some wing nut in that country reacted to this editorial in the New York Times.  I'm glad that I live in Canada, and grateful that today is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.And that ...

drive-by planet: USA #1 when it comes to ‘violence and preparations for violence’

Interesting article on Stop the War coalition site this week entitled Yes it’s true, the United States really is the greatest country in the world – but in what?  The article includes stats and links to demonstrate that when it comes to “violence and preparations for violence” the USA is indeed the undisputed global leader. ...

Melissa Fong: Bullet-Proof Blankets for kids? Not the solution.

My reaction to bullet proof blankets for children: When I was a kid we had fire and earthquake drills. When I became a teacher I had to verse the children […]

Dead Wild Roses: The American Second Amendment in One Picture

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Dead Wild Roses: NRA – Fighting for the Right to Slaughter Children in Schools

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LeDaro: "One Nation Under The Gun": Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook

This article clearly highlights why real gun control legislation is needed in the United States, the number of gun deaths is staggering, “In the 98 days since (Sandy Hook), guns have killed at least 2,243 more people.” How many more people will have to die senseless deaths from guns before real action is taken to ...

LeDaro: Gun Violence in U.S

U.S need not fear a foreigner invader. It looks it will implode and destroy itself. The following video shows the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice: Liberal Viewer – Guns & God – Oh, and Dead Children too.

The idea that with a little more god in school tragedy is avoidable really burns my buns.  Adding more falsehood to peoples lives is never a good thing.  It saddens me to see people talking so unabashedly about how their magic dude in the sky could fix things if only people believed in him.  These ...

Politics and its Discontents: But We’re A Peace-Loving Country

My, my, my, the sins that are committed in our name. Recommend this Post

Dead Wild Roses: Bill Moyers: Remember the Victims

As far as I am concerned, the NRA needs to pack its bags and go away.  Bill Moyers says it better than I could right now. Filed under: Politics Tagged: Bill Moyers, Gun Violence, Remember the Victims

Canadian Progressive World: Paired Colorado Woman With Aurora Shooter James Holmes

A perfect example of one of those WTF moments we encounter in life. A Colorado woman, “Diana”,  says that paired her with James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people at the Friday screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Diana claims that she discovered Holmes’ profile among her suggested matches on the same day he committed ...

Politics and its Discontents: Making Politics Out Of Tragedy

The terrible shooting in Toronto that saw two people killed and 24 injured elicited this response from Julian Fantino and Rob Nicholson. I have no words to express my feeling toward this craven exploitation of tragedy: Joint statement by ministers Julian Fantino and Rob Nicholson: Our Government was very saddened to hear about this shooting ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: What Vic Toews doesn’t know might hurt you

As the Conservative caucus wanders off tonight to celebrate their modest victory against the continuation of the life saving long gun registry by drinking the blood of gun violence victims with the gun lobby, we would be remiss if we did not point out how little Public Safety Minister Vic Toews knows about the bill ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: 50 calibre rifle found in Mountie shooting suspect’s truck

It’s a shame that the Harper Tories don’t think that rifles like the one described in this story need to be registered: The rifle was hidden inside, police say. It was not loaded, but a police dog team found a loaded .50-calibre magazine a short distance away. That type of rifle is considered to have ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: As the Harper Tories prepare to deep six the life saving long gun registry

A couple of readings on law abidingness: Police use the long gun registry Police use the long gun registry Gun collectors don’t always use the long gun registry

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: We stand with Irwin Cotler

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: When CPC MPs lie to Parliament

On Tuesday during the debate on the life saving long gun registry, Harper Tory MP Larry Miller compared gun control supporters to Hitler. Shortly after Question Period that day, Miller stood up in the House and apologized for naming the “this evil guy”.  Opposition MPs were less than satisfied, but the Harper Tories were quick ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: We’re surprised that anybody is surprised by Larry Miller’s comparison of gun control supporters to Hitler

Following gun control issues as we do, we’re not really surprised that Conservative MP Larry Miller chose to compare gun registry supporters to Hitler. After all, Miller is just reflecting a common point view among gun control opponents. And he isn’t even the first person associated with Harper Tories to get into trouble with Nazi ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: Long gun registry helps police solve $250 000 theft from west coast business

Victoria Times Colonist “Access to the long-gun registry has been critical to advancing the speed of this investigation,” Jantzen said, who added it all went down in a matter of 24 hours.Saanich News “Long-gun registry checks were at the forefront of this investigation,” he said. “We support these accessible databases … when we’re investigating instances ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: Giving credit where credit is due

Yesterday, the Harper Tory government was finally forced to announce the membership of its radical anti-gun control committee (Question 364). It’s only five or six years after the committee was established that a written Parliamentary question shone some light on the rocks under which the committee lives. Review of the new list shows some real ...

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: Establishing motive

Why are the Harper Tories hell bent on destroying data from the life saving long gun registry? A high profile Toronto lawyer thinks he knows why: It’s like throwing a bomb into a crime lab because they didn’t want any evidence left there.We couldn’t have said it any better.

Cowboys for Social Responsibility: An imbalance of outcomes

Gun lobby vs. shooting victims