Alberta Politics: NDP appoints former Liberal strategist Corey Hogan to head Alberta Public Affairs Bureau

PHOTOS: Corey Hogan, centre, in a screen shot from The Strategists political commentary show on CBC Calgary. On the left is Stephen Carter and on the right is Zain Velji. Below: Recent Public Affairs Bureau leaders Mr. Hogan again, Mark Wells and Martin Kennedy. I’m not sure why the Notley Government has given us so ...

Dead Wild Roses: FHRITP! – Stay Classy Calgary Flames Fans – Example #2387461278 of #NotAllMen..

I’m curious as to how many times we need to see incidents like this.  Misogyny via the expression of normative patriarchal values at it very finest in dear old Cowtown.  Go take a look at the clip from CBC Calgary with reporter Meghan Grant. “FHRITP — or f–k her right in the p—y — is a phrase ... Vincent on CBC

If you didn’t hear me last week here’s a link to my ten minute interview on CBC Calgary’s The Eyeopener and David Gray.