The West’s Alternative

The two byelections tonight in Alberta — one in southern Alberta and the other in northern Alberta — have made it clear just who is the alternative to the Conservatives in Alberta. That alternative is the Liberals. Through hope, hard work, and a good dose of grit, two local candidates with

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I have had the pleasure of blogging for five years here at It has been a unique journey for this blogger. I have met new friends, won national blogging awards, ran in student politics (and won, twice!), been featured in print, interviewed on the radio, managed winning campaigns, and even

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Don Braid is looking for something. Anything. As a political pundit and editorial writer he is knee deep in politics. His proximity to Edmonton’s machinations of party politics and politics of personalities makes him expert on issues both inside and around the legislature. With every wart, boil, pimple, and scar,

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Jim Prentice has intimated to multiple individuals that he is considering a run for the leadership of Alberta’s 44-year-old governing party, the Conservatives. If you’ve read this blog you know very well that this blogger thinks that the Conservatives ought to pack it in and fold the party. Forty-five years is a

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Let’s talk about what’s really happening at Montreal 2014. It’s not about a race between Liberals jockeying for positions in the party. That’s essentially sewn up, except for membership chair (and, for those that care, both candidates have Albertan roots — one lives in Edmonton and the other has deep

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