Alberta Politics: Albertans lose money while energy companies continue to let escaping methane make climate change worse

PHOTOS: Gas wells a-flaring in the United States’ Bakken Field (Photo: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric and Administration). Below: Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) and Progress Alberta Executive Director Duncan Kinney (Photo: Progress Alberta). CALGARY Methane released from oil and gas operations in Alberta represents lost natural gas royalties of up to ...

Montreal Simon: Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Monstrous Trump Party

In a world where the 24 hour news cycle rules, it's easy to forget how Andrew Scheer became Con leader, after one of the most disgusting leadership campaigns in modern Canadian history.A campaign right out of the Night of the Living Dead… Where the Con zombies stumbled about gnawing on our Canadian values, and trying to out ...

Accidental Deliberations: Faith no more

Shorter Catherine McKenna on the Libs’ response to the National Energy Board misleading the public about its insider dealings with lobbyists on Energy East: Clap sunnier! Clap sunnier!

Politics and its Discontents: Catherine McKenna In Paris

The international community is “really excited” to see Canada back at the table for climate change talks in Paris, Canada’s new environment and climate change minister said Tuesday. May concrete and substantial action follow. Recommend this Post - Alberta Politics: Keystone XL is dead. New government means climate change back on the agenda.

Having enjoyed the last week in the sunny Berkeley, California, it felt odd to turn on the car radio to hear the local disc jockeys discussing the tarsands and the merits of a pipeline that would pump unrefined bitumen from Canada to Texas. Being one of… Continue Reading →