Susan on the Soapbox: The Whole Gay Thing

Recently Brad Trost and Jason Kenney made some troubling comments about the whole gay thing and the progressives just won’t let it go. Trost, a “full spectrum” conservative, believes in all three conservative values: social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, and democratic populist conservatism.  He recently shared his views on “the whole

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Alberta Politics: Canada’s Conservatives have taken their greatest strength and bulldozed it to the ground: this will not end well for them

PHOTOS: Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates Kellie Leitch, Chris Alexander and Brad Trost get ready for their next debate on how best to Make Canada Great Again. Actual CPC leadership candidates may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Former Alberta Progressive Conservative premier Ed Stelmach, Alberta PC leadership candidate

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Alberta Politics: ‘Oh, there you go Bradsplaining again!’ Like it or not, Brads from Saskatchewan just can’t control their Bradsplaining

PHOTOS: Federal Conservative leadership candidate and Bradsplainer Brad Trost shows he’s hip to the jive with this newfangled technology stuff. (Photo from Below: Brad Wall, another well-known Bradsplainer, Bradsplaining, and blogger word-coiner Dave Cournoyer, kitted out to observe one of Rebel Media’s rallies. Uh-oh! We’re about to be “Bradsplained”!

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Montreal Simon: Brad Trost, Jason Kenney, and the Homophobic Cons

Press Progress

It seems I might have been a bit too hasty when I labelled the Harper Party, the Trump Party.

For while Kellie Leitch and Tony Clement are doing their pathetic best to foster that impression…

And I’m sure both those losers will eventually succeed in labelling it the Trump Party in the eyes of most Canadians.

It’s important to remember that the Harper Party has always been, and still is, Canada’s Homophobic Party.
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