punditman: Punditman alive and well

Punditman says…
Rumours of Punditman’s demise are highly overstated. Punditman has simply been busy with matters other than blogging. That’s what happens on this planet. Busy humans keep getting busier, or so it seems. Let me count the ways humans get busy: trying to eke out an existence is a big one. Others get busy being warmongers, or corporate polluters, or dedicated followers of fashion, or making money, or being wage slaves, or making predictions, or making last call, or just being a busy bee-nosy nelly-youtube-twitter-facebooker. You Twit-Face.
What happens is no one is left to save the planet from the busy human bees! Because we humans North Americans have become too busily self absorbed to even save ourselves from destroying our own social fabric. Too busy to even write more than 140 characters.
So knock yerself out if you have anything remotely intelligent to say about Japan’s nuclear crisis, Libya, how the Leafs are going to miss the playoffs for the 6th straight year despite an impressive home stretch or why Punditman should continue to exist.
Didn’t think so. Slackers. Surfers. Googlers – the lot of you. Very few who have ever landed on these hallowed pages have ever had much to say in the comments – on a blog punditman and peacenik have slaved over for years. Years!
Sour grapes aside, punditman is taking a hiatus. It could be permanent. Peacenik is just burned out, period. Peacenik also quit, or was fired (not sure which).
Punditman is now on Twitter under the wayplanet identity. It’s the busy thing to do. All the cool kids with no attention spans are on Twitter, so p-man has taken it for a test drive. Not sure if the big Tweet is anything other than texting on steroids. It could just be another narcisistic waste of time.
Meanwhile, peacenik insisted on a buy out package consisting of a beer and a bag of pucks. We settled for a puck and a bag of beer.
Punditman says…
さようなら Sayounara!
Punditman Blog
R.I.P ???

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Not an Official Green Party Canada Site: Canadian Broadcast Media Consortium deliberately influencing a Federal Election?

Once again, CTV, oops, I mean the Broadcast Consortium has denied the Green Party admission to the Nationally televised Leaders debate. While it comes as no surprise whatsoever, it still begs the imagination. What is going on in the broadcast consortium’s collective heads? The criteria by which they exclude the GPC seems to change from […]

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Prime Minister says coalition is like a sex orgy

Today the Prime Minister called the coalition “a sex orgy with multiple partners”.  Campaigning in Halifax, Cowboy Steve said he would be firmly against such a public coalition.

“Let me be clear about this: the majority of Canadians are like me. This type of activity is meant to be conducted in private by oneself. Group sex is for losers. And swingers. We’re against any party with more than one participant.”

Staying on the topic of sex, the Prime Minister went on to explain the real reason Belinda Stronach and Helena Guergis were not welcome in the Tory caucus. “Hot looking women have no place in a Conservative government.”

 Prime Minister: “Trust me. The last thing you want to see is a naked Conservative”

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