Obama re-election could spawn increase in domestic terrorism

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I’ll just call it right now – if Obama is re-elected and the Democrats re-take congress, you will see a dramatic increase in far-right domestic terrorism. Unfair? True!

Look for a dramatic large scale terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or worse. I say this because the far right just cannot handle defeat. Look at what’s happened already.

In the Clinton era, a perceived liberal expansion of the state, disaffected far right reactionaries angry about jobs, immigration and big government took their fight into the surreal.

Its not just Christian-aligned conservatives; terrorists largely come from the equally conservative Islamic side too. They’re angry at the perceived corruption and complicity of their own moderate politicians towards the west and Israel, and have no use for the mushy middle.

They will do by force, by terror and murder, what voters reject at the ballot box. Domestic terrorists, Christian or Islamic reject rule of law. They not just oppose the law, they oppose the institution that creates the law; because it has no authority to do so. They tolerate (to some degree) conservative governments because they sometimes share the social policies. But have little use for liberal administrations as they perceive its existence as an inherent threat to religion itself.

The liberal administrations are more concerned with the relative economic inequality of their society’s and try to bridge the gap. To some, that’s an over-reach of government authority itself and the link to government oppression of religion is a pretty easy jump by groups already suspicious of government itself.