Alberta Politics: What does climate change mean for Alberta’s growing dependence on a pipeline to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries?

PHOTOS: U.S. Climate Change Denier in Chief Donald J. Trump. (Photo: White House.) A woman is rescued from her Houston area home (Photo: U.S. Department of Defense.) “Wow – Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood!” So said an apparently astonished Donald J. Trump, First Tweeter of the United States and ...

Montreal Simon: Has Donald Trump Finally Gone Over the Deep End?

It's now been four days since Donald Trump woke up early in the morning and fired off some deranged tweets, in the general direction of Barack Obama.  And according to reports from the warring factions in the Trump White House, for a few hours after that Trump was in a really good mood.  Until he ...

Montreal Simon: Has Donald Trump Finally Gone Over the Deep End?

It's now been four days since Donald Trump woke up early in the morning and fired off some deranged tweets, in the general direction of Barack Obama.  And according to reports from the warring factions in the Trump White House, for a few hours after that Trump was in a really good mood.  Until he ...

Alberta Politics: The Trump-like hallmark of Jason Kenney’s campaign: Its singular lack of ideas

PHOTOS: Jason Kenney crashing the Throne Speech party at the Legislature last week. Below: U.S. President Donald Trump; the late Ralph Klein, premier of Alberta; Rachel Notley, the present premier of Alberta; and political commentator Ricardo Acuna. Jason Kenny, the social conservative social media enthusiast who will almost certainly become leader of the Progressive Conservative ...

Alberta Politics: A Tale of Two Traitors: Or, does President Donald Trump even get this betrayal thing?

PHOTOS: Donald J. Trump – American Caligula, or just an American idiot? President Trump may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: H.A.R. Philby, as portrayed in a Soviet stamp, and Igor Sergeievich Gouzenko, Cold War side switchers. Sally Q. Yates, fired by Mr. Trump for “betraying” the Justice Department. Harold Adrian Russell Philby, better known ... – Alberta Politics: Notley NDP’s latter-day conversion to Keystone XL boosterism

It has been fascinating to watch the Alberta New Democratic Party transition from being skeptical of oil pipelines as opposition to fairly effective advocates for pipelines as government. While the approval of the Trans-Canada Keystone XL Pipeline from Hardisty to… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: Obama, The Liberal Redneck, And The Trumpanzees

In one of my last posts I thanked Barack Obama for being the best U.S. president I have ever known.And listed some of his remarkable achievements.But somehow I forgot to mention one of his most outstanding qualities.His unique ability to drive Donald Trump and his Trumpanzees absolutely wild.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Trump Will Not Be Able to Erase Obama’s Legacy

From the moment Barack Obama became president Donald Trump tried to delegitimize and humiliate him.Claiming he wasn't an American citizen, and had faked his birth certificate, and doing all he could to degrade his country's first black president.And in thirteen days, on his first day in office, Trump is vowing to repeal every single executive order Obama ever ... – Alberta Politics: Podcast recommendations to start off 2017

Back in October 2015, I shared a list of podcasts that were on my regular listening feed. Each year I purposely look for new podcasts to listen to. This means removing some of my older regular listens and keeping some… Continue Reading →

Alberta Politics: Deep irony in the deep state: Some thoughts about those post-Christmas American ‘spy’ expulsions

PHOTOS: A couple of Russian “intelligence operatives” pensively contemplate the news they’re about to be kicked out of the United States for acting like journalists. Actual GRU deep cover agents may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Russian President Vladimir Putin disguised as well-known journalist Clark Kent; U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in a characteristic pose; ...

The Canadian Progressive: “Cold War deja vu” as President Barack Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats

Two weeks after promising to respond “at a time and place of our choosing” to Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats. The Russian embassy in London smells “Cold War deja vu”. The post “Cold War deja vu” as President Barack Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats appeared ...

Accidental Deliberations: New column day

Here, on the need for progressive leaders and activists alike to build connections beyond borders and party lines to combat a reactionary movement which spans the globe. For further reading…– Sam Kriss discusses how the systematic stifling of the left has given rise to the toxic politics of the right.– Demi Lee points out why ...

Alberta Politics: I come to bury Castro, not to praise him: unpacking conservative fury at PM Justin Trudeau’s condolences

PHOTOS: Fidel Castrol in his heyday. Mr. Castro died Friday at 90. Below: An affectionate Havana scene … “Viva Fidel por siempre;” Margaret Trudeau, Mr. Castro and Pierre Trudeau in 1976; King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who died at 90 last year; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Before I start, let’s just make one thing perfectly ... – Alberta Politics: How did 59 million Americans come to support a loud-mouthed boor?

There will be plenty of analysis in the coming weeks about the results of the United States Presidential election focusing on how Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. As many people around the world will have done today, I have spent many distracted hours… Continue Reading →

Alberta Politics: Just say no to term limits! They’re fundamentally undemocratic and that’s why the right likes them

PHOTOS: Given the alternatives, most of the world would be delighted if this scene could be repeated, don’t you think? Probably most Americans would be too. Below: Four-time presidential winner Franklin D. Roosevelt and other presidents who contemplated third terms, but were thwarted for on reason or another, Ulysses S. Grant, Woodrow Wilson and Grover ...

Alberta Politics: Athabasca University Students Union eyes legal action to block retroactive changes to nursing program

PHOTOS: Athabasca University’s new president, Neil Fassina, who started work this week (Athabasca University photo). Below: AU Faculty of Health Disciplines Dean Margie Edwards, former interim president Peter MacKinnon and, regarding a totally unrelated matter, Donald J. Trump Neil Fassina, former provost and academic vice-president of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, started work in ...

Alberta Politics: Canadians can be thankful for small, and probably temporary, mercies in wake of U.S. presidential debate

PHOTOS: Republican candidate Donald Trump stalking Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton around the debate stage in St. Louis yesterday evening (CNN Photo). Below: 20th Century screen star Bela Lugosi, Edmonton political commentator Chanchal Bhattacharya and a Wildrose supporter in a Trump-style ball cap (National Observer photo). Happy Thanksgiving! I guess we can be thankful, after watching ...

Alberta Politics: Media scolding about ‘political correctness’ is baloney; hats off to MRU student who spoke out against Trump cap

PHOTOS: “Make America Hate Again.” (Jake May, Below: U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Canadian politicians Kellie Leitch and Jason Kenney. They’re not the only ones, unfortunately. Can anyone in Alberta’s mainstream media seriously claim to have been surprised by the vile stream of threats, abuse and harassment unleashed on a Mount Royal University ...

Montreal Simon: Why Donald Trump Has Just Destroyed His Own Campaign

In my last post I predicted that Donald Trump's so-called birther campaign would do him enormous damage.By finally exposing him as a dirty old crackpot.But now I'm sure it will destroy him.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Crackpot Candidate

He has been trying to soften his image, and portray himself as a reasonable man. A man who loves children and black people, not a deranged demagogue.And it has boosted his polls.But sadly for Donald Trump, he can only be reasonable for so long, before the voices in his head start screaming, and he reveals his ...

Alberta Politics: Friday, Sept. 23, will be Resignation Day for Jason Kenney, PC leadership candidate tells St. Albert campaign stop

PHOTO: Alberta Progressive Conservative Party leadership candidate Jason Kenney shares a laugh with a supporter last night. Below: He brings his message to the party rank and file in St. Albert. Friday, Sept. 23, will be Resignation Day for Jason Kenney, the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership candidate told a crowd of about 50, most of ... – Alberta Politics: Can we not go a week without someone threatening to harm the Premier?

“I’ve been beating this drum for 10,11 years. I will continue to beat it, I promise. But it’s against the law to beat Rachel Notley…” – Wildrose leader Brian Jean Speaking at a town hall forum in Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray-Conklin MLA… Continue Reading → – Alberta Politics: Postmedia columnists and Fraser Institute team up to attack the Alberta’s climate change plan

The full court press against the Alberta government’s Climate Leadership Plan continued today as Postmedia business columnists Gary Lamphier and Claudia Cattaneo dutifully and uncritically weighed in on the latest report from the right-wing Fraser Institute. The report, which claims the emissions cap included in Alberta government’s climate… Continue Reading → – Alberta Politics: What President Obama said about Canada, Alberta and Climate Change

During his address to the Canadian Parliament on June 29, 2016, United States President Barack Obama singled out Alberta as a leader in the fight against climate change. Here is the excerpt from his speech where he spoke about climate change:… Continue Reading →