Conservatives create problems, not solutions

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In the news; the appeals court in California overturned a ban on same sex marriage. This ban was a citizen inspired law triggered by the then legalized gay marriage laws in California. The court found essentially that rights, once given, cannot be taken away.

I’m not sure the political impact on Obama, but I’m almost certain that it might galvanize supporters on the right who oppose such ideas. Or will it?

Church going voters are poor too. They need a paycheque like everyone else…and many of them were put out work by the of their own leaders.

The problem with these explosive social issues is that it doesn’t put food on the table of the hungry, nor does it put cash in the wallets of the poor. Arguing over social issues doesn’t create jobs, doesn’t protect the environment, doesn’t pay for better healthcare, doesn’t help out our retirees and military veterans.

Social issues are a mere distraction from the real problems facing everyone today…and conservatives are good at that since they offer nothing to actually help people. They’ve turned liberals into the new ‘communists’ and wage a campaign of hate against them.

Conservatives when they’re in office manage to do far more damage than they accuse their liberal enemies of doing. America is facing its worst debt crisis ever because of unsustainable “Bush tax cuts” that made the chore of balancing the budget impossible. In Canada, lowering the GST, lowering corporate tax rates (which were already 40% lower that America’s corporate tax rate) served only to starve the revenue stream needed to supply necessary government services.

And the result was predictable. Massive deficits, massive debt, and now the conservatives argue that its the social program spending that causes all the red ink. No. Its conservatives incompetence that caused that.