Update, finally!

So the Conservatives are finally starting to have fun with their majority. We all knew this day would come — when we would be forced to helplessly sit at the sidelines and watch while these idiots we call ‘representatives’ shove through legislation so hard it hurts me to even think about it.

The Cons have introduced an ‘omnibus’ bill, which already sounds like a bad idea, called the “Safe Streets and Communities Act”. Wait a second — don’t we already have a “Safe Streets Act”? And wasn’t it a complete failure? This new bill combines a bunch of old ones that got killed, repeatedly, whether from Mr. Harper destroying democracy by proroguing (sp?) Parliament, or by the parties defeating the Cons with a vote of no confidence.

The bill includes what we originally knew as Bill C-26, then eventually Bill S-10, both of which were quashed, and both of which I have talked about in previous entries. Basically, they want to instate mandatory minimums for drug-related offences (PDF in link (an excellent PDF at that)). The language in the bill is bland, at best, and has professionals and people across the country standing up and screaming “This is complete ideology — there is no science to back this up!” Well, surprise, surprise — this is a tried and true Conservative method of appeasing their base of voters. We’re going to get tough on crime — that’s what Canadians told us they wanted! Well, actually, more people voted for anyone but the Cons, including the Orange Crush, and the huge number of people who actually stand up and use their voices are completely against this ideological invasion of democracy. How hard is it to study something, look at the results, and then base decisions off of that — or, failing that, simply look at public opinion on the issue! Not to mention that the crime rate in Canada has been steadily falling — but the politicians don’t want you to know that.

In this insane article in the Winnipeg Free Press, Justice Minister Nicholson ADMITS that they aren’t following statistics — they’re simply doing what THEY thing is right. Oh, and “Canadians” of course. I haven’t spoken to a single Canadian who actually agrees with them, though, so they must be making people in underground labs to support their ideas.

“We’re not governing on the basis of the latest statistics,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said at a news conference in suburban Brampton, Ont. “We’re governing on the basis of what’s right to better protect victims and law-abiding Canadians.”

HELLO?!?! Anybody listening to this guy? Why on Earth would you not follow the lastest statistics? And to top it all off, in the Citizen today, there was an excellent article that very succinctly shows why this will never work the way people want it to. Using the recent case of Randall Hopley as an example, the editorial shows that Hopley was convicted multiple times, and served time behind bars each time, and was then released into the public. That’s how justice works folks, I’ve been there myself. You do something wrong, they catch you, you go to jail, and then they release you (eventually, in most cases). Unless we’re going to start locking people up indefinitely (which this government seems to want to do) then you have to offer some sort of rehabilitation.

The Prime Minister certainly doesn’t like people like me actually thinking these things through — which is why you MUST call your local MPs and make your voices heard! Even if you completely disagree with me, which I’m sure happens all the time, call your MP! Tell them! If nobody calls, then it’s a one-man show, and I personally would not trust Stephen Harper to entertain a group of 3-year-olds even if he was painted up like a clown. Oh wait, he already IS painted up as a clown.

Or was that just a dream?

By the way — this is a welcome back, and also a small departure. I’m 11 days clean, going to NA (yes, I know, I railed against them before) and also going to the ROH’s Addictions and Mental Health Concurrent Disorders program. And things are going really well — I’m happy and actually doing things again!

Also. On a very serious note. Rest in Peace Wendy Babcock. I miss you, even though we left on bad terms. I wish I could take it all back. I’m so sorry, but now in death you know the truth. I lay bare my soul to you, so you can hopefully see what I really meant to say, what I really meant to do.