Make Jack Layton’s legacy mean something

Jack Layton, federal NDP leader from 2003 until his passing yesterday, has rebuilt the party. Its a contender again just as it was under Ed Broadbent. Probably more of a contender as the NDP replaced the Liberals as the second party in Canada. But its all on the line; the next move for the NDP will determine if it climbs the mountain top of falters back again.
Canada is grieving the loss of a great man in Jack Layton. He believed what he preached, he lived by the principles he campaigned on, and his personal integrity is unassailable; something that is rare in politics today…indeed it only comes along once a generation – if not longer. No wonder the massive outpouring of grief across the nation – this loss hurt badly.
But, politics is politics, and the party will get on with the business part of this and launch the leadership mechanics to replace Layton officially with a permanent leader. That leader must be ready to be Prime Minister.
The party, with its 103 MP’s should have a couple of good faces and personalities that could carry the flag.
Peter Stoffer (NS), Thomas Mulcair (PQ), Pat Martin (Man), Peter Julian (BC), and Nathan Cullen (BC) are some of the caucus that should consider a leadership run. Not to mention several other names outside the parliamentary caucus.
 Activists and supporters need to harness their collective grief and turn it to action. Make Jack Layton’s dreams a reality by getting involved. Never before in Canada has a generation of youth been affected and motivated by a politician; now is the time to act.