What’s happening with the NDP???!

I’m as shocked as anyone at the sudden, apparent surge of the New Democrats in Quebec.

It makes sense the NDP would eventually win appeal with Quebecers. Jack Layton is a native son and he’s been organizing there for years and it’s paying off. We’ve always known that Quebec is the most socialist/progressive of the 10 provinces. And now, due to the unique circumstances of 2011, the NDP has managed to find a window into the hearts of many Quebecois voters. If the NDP manage to hang on to this lead in the Quebec popular vote, this’ll signal a historic breakthrough, one that changes federal politics forever. It’s also nice to see a populist wave coming from the left for a change.

Michael Ignatieff is still in this, but this election is now completely up in the air…

Please feel free to share your thoughts to make sense of all this: