Catch 22 stepping it up for final 10 days of the campaign

Most important election in modern times

The Catch 22 Campaign, a grassroots network and Third Party opposing the Harper government in the May 2 election, today announced its plans for the final 10 days of the campaign that includes advertising in newspapers and phone calls to tens of thousands of voters in key ridings.


Catch 22 is also expanding its activities with its in-the-ridings, on-the-ground campaign in targeted ridings across the country.


“Catch 22 was devised more than a year ago as a campaign that would take a pro-democracy message to voters in their communities as a central part of a winning formula,” said Catch 22 co-ordinator Gary Shaul. “Thanks to the public’s generous donations, we are using a combination of flyers and posters, telephone calls and paid newspaper ads to reach tens of thousands of voters.”


The group is asking Canadians to vote for opposition candidates who have the best chance of defeating a Conservative candidate in key ridings.


Meanwhile, Catch 22 welcomed the emergence of new anti-Harper campaigns which are also using targeting riding strategies and a variety of creative means of reaching voters including interactive websites, videos, strategic donations, advertising, vote swapping and door knocking.


“By sharing the same goals and approach, these efforts are complimentary with one another and are reaching more and more voters every day,” said Nick Fillmore, a Catch 22 project coordinator. “There’s a common recognition that we’re not just up against Harper and his multi-million dollar war-chest, but we’re also fighting an uphill battle against a voting system which rewards division and denies representation to millions of voters.


Never before have so many groups – large and small – been involved in strategic voting initiatives in Canada.


Catch 22 believes this is the most important election in modern times in Canada.


“We’ve seen the start of a transformation of Canada during the five years of Stephen Harper’s minority rule,” said Shaul. “He is pleading for a majority government (with as little as 37% of the popular vote) in order to cement his power and implement a right-wing agenda that most Canadians do not support. We are trying to do everything we can to stop him from institutionalizing the wish list of the National Citizen’s Coalition, Reform Party and the oil industry.”


Catch 22 volunteers can barely keep up the rush of people wanting to get involved. More and more people are joining our website while thousands of visitors are dropping by to check out our list of target ridings and read our unique election commentary. Our Facebook “likers” and Twitter followers are also on a steep climb.


“Elections can we won or lost the last 10 days,” said Fillmore. “This election will be decided by voters in just a few dozen ridings. One of the most important things everyone can do is to urge people to come out on May 2 and make their vote count against Harper by helping to defeat one is his candidates.”


Catch 22 is still welcoming more volunteers and donors.


For further information:


Ottawa/Quebec: Tracy Morey 613-730-0140

Toronto: Nick Fillmore 416-903-2613

Vancouver: Masrour Zoghi 416-830-2504