Moving in progress… suggestions needed!

So, I’m thinking about moving to a different blog host. Don’t worry! I’ll be doing it slowly. I’ve checked out because a lot of the blogs I read are on there, and it seems okay.

My biggest complaint so far with Blogger is that I’ve had quite a few technical problems. Most recently my comment forms just disappeared for no reason! And came back just as unexpectedly. I’ve also had a LOT of trouble getting the damn thing to look the way I want it to.

So — you are all avid bloggers/blog-readers. I need a couple of suggestions — what do you LIKE about the look/feel of a blog? And for the bloggers — which service would you suggest as being the most user-friendly? (Not that I’m limited in experience with computers, quite the opposite — it just seems that blogs don’t make sense to me, no matter how hard I try)

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated! On my hopefully still-working comment form :-).
The best suggestion will win a prize! Unless the only person to comment is zoom!, because she’s won a lot of prizes in the last little while.