Preparing to Disappoint the World

With less than a month to go before the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen the Harper government is already preparing to be a major roadblock for consensus on a world plan to deal with climate change. Refusing to do anything unless the developing world is held to the same standards Harper is like a two-year-old wailing “I won’t clean up my toys until everyone else has” instead of acting like an adult and choosing to lead by example.In response to Harper, Professor Tim Flannery of the Copenhagen Climate Council told The Canadian Press that Canada faces an international credibility crisis because it is “by far the biggest defaulter” on previous Kyoto Protocol obligations.Without a doubt Harper is preparing Canada to be an international embarrassment in a few weeks. Now with the US starting to take steps on climate change we’re the ones who are going to be left behind as the only country refusing to take action on a serious global issue.