Politics and its Discontents: Is This Kellie Leitch’s Constituency?

As Montreal Simon’s recent post makes abundantly clear, Kellie Leitch is a pathetic human being. Her recent embrace of divisive ‘dog-whistle’ politics leaves no doubt about her manifest unfitness to hold public office, let alone lead the Conservative Party.

Perhaps The Soldiers of Odin, now setting up shop in Edmonton, is her new but limited constituency?

About 10 men, all are wearing matching insignia on their backs, a Norse horned helmet with a Canadian flag for a beard, have been seen patrolling the city’s streets at least twice, on July 23 and Aug. 28.

While some see them as protectors, others consider them glaring examples of the worst in society.

As a response to the influx of refugees, the group was founded in late 2015 in Finland by Mika Ranta, a self-proclaimed white supremacist. Since that time it has become international, with local chapters forming in cities and provinces across Canada this year.

According to social media posts by the group, marches have also taken place in B.C. and Ontario.

The cancer is, in fact, spreading:

Soldiers of Odin — a group critics denounce as a racist hate group that is anti-Muslim and anti-immigration — is setting up in Hamilton.

But apparently there is no cause for alarm. SOO national president Joel Angott

denies that the group is anti-immigration, or anti-Muslim, although the group’s bylaws lament the government “accepting refugees from countries that hate us” and “letting illegal aliens into this country and giving them the ability to vote and drive.”

But perhaps a clearer definition of their orientation is needed. To elaborate on the above, consider more of what the bylaws and the ‘president’ of this ‘organization’ have to say:

We believe that the higher authorities are failing the Canadian citizens. Between the allowing of illegal aliens into this country and giving them the ability to vote and drive, accepting refugees from countries that hate us while Canadians are on the streets, releasing confirmed terrorists back to their organizations to cause more havoc against Canada and demonizing anything that has to do with European Culture to try and create racial tensions to turn citizens on one another’ we as Soldiers Of Odin realize that it is time to take back our streets, provinces, and country.

Angott said the group is “for sustainable immigration,” meaning that the government thoroughly screens new immigrants, and they “want to come in and follow Canadian law.”

“We don’t want people coming in and pushing any kind of agenda on Canada,” he said.

This kind of thinly-disguised racism needs to be widely and loudly condemned. There is no middle ground here, simply because this ilk insists on dealing in absolutes and popular prejudices. They are not to be reasoned with, understood, justified or condoned. To do any of these is to be complicit in their evil.

I shall leave the final word to Hamilton city councillor Matthew Green, who expresses his own thoughts on the need for vigilance in the protection of the values balanced, fair-minded Canadians hold:

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