Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: STC Bus Service Couldn’t Survive the SaskParty

This news makes me so mad and disappointed. The future of Saskatchewan got a little more bleak today. “What are the core services that people expect from government – and it is not necessarily a bus company,” Finance Minister Kevin Doherty said Wednesday. “As for the short window of time before service ends, the province ...

Excited Delirium: When Trump is Impeached, Who Will Replace Him?

Paul Manafort: another link in the chain connecting Donald Trump and Russia.

Excited Delirium: 9 Must-Watch Minutes

At the House Intel Committee, ranking member Schiff (D-CA) summarizes the insanity that has transpired in the last 9 months concerning Donald Trump, Russia, Clinton, Wikileaks and more. This is 9 minutes well worth watching.  It will shake your world.

Excited Delirium: Another Call to Raise Toronto Property Taxes

This piece by Lawrence Solomon is very effective at pointing out the contrast between property taxes applied to landlords versus those that are paid by private homeowners. In Toronto, property taxes for homeowners are disproportionately low, not just compared to local rental costs, but also for property taxes applied across the province and rest of ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Sustainable Fossil Fuel Myths

I think the Fossil Fuel industry isn’t going to manage to sustain their myths. They say things that a kid with a 5th grade education should figure out are not true. Burning natural gas is not sustainable. It’s a fossil fuel. It will run out, and it produces waste gas that contributes to climate change. ...

In This Corner: The Return of Stuff Happens, week 9: Jason does Alberta

As expected, Jason Kenney easily won the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta at a convention in Calgary on Saturday, with about 75% of the vote. Kenney was a steamroller who flattened his two remaining challengers, an inconspicuous MLA named Richard Starke, and an even less conspicuous guy named Byron Nelson. The other ...

Excited Delirium: Transit: We’ve Been Here Before

I love public transit when it’s done right, but for most Canadian cities BRT = Big Ridiculous (Transit) Tax.

Babel-on-the-Bay: Revisiting the hopes of Dr. Zamboni.

As past president of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, we have known for a long time that the Liberation treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients does not work. It never had credibility to begin with. It was over seven years ago that Dr. Paulo Zamboni of Ferrara, Italy excitedly announced a treatment he had developed ...

Excited Delirium: Republicans: Do They Have a Future?

Trump won’t be impeached. Yet. A Democrat majority in the Senate and House will be required in 2018.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: SaskParty Math Rivals SaskPower’s

This is a [big] problem. SaskPower says "Our current goal is to add 60 MW of utility-scale solar generation by 2021." Take it in context… — Saskboy (@saskboy) March 12, 2017 3. A year ago Premier Wall & SaskPower promised to reach 50% renewable generation by 2030. Their first step puts us further from that ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Trudeau’s Second Face Speaks Up For Big Oil

The Prime Minister caught a lot of heat for speaking the truth the other month about shutting down the Tar Sands. Then, predictably after furious backpedaling, he let the other side of his face speak about what the Liberals will really allow to permit our climate’s destruction. “No country would find 173 billion barrels of ...

In This Corner: Two Old Guys meet at a library

I had one of those Old Guy moments the other day. First, however, I should point out that I’m not that old. With the average lifespan of a Canadian male now at 81, I’ve got a couple of decades of living left just to hit the average. (Now that I write that down, it sounds ...

We Pivot: Why Is the Impeachment Taking So Long?

T$$$p has already done so much more awful in less than two months, than South Korea’s president. So, yeah. Why is the impeachment taking so long? South Korea’s president is permanently stripped of her powers. Park Geun-hye is the first … [Read more]

Excited Delirium: Ontario Liberals Attack on Public Education

The Wynne government’s attack on open schools continues a theme of this government’s disrespect for the next generation – that can’t vote them out of office.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Up Is Down, Left Is Right, Idiots in Government

These are examples of why the US and Canada cannot have nice things. We’ve idiots in government. Who put them there? Was it voters, or people with even more direct influence like Donald Trump and Stephen Harper? Like having a Surgeon-General who says smoking is not a primary cause of lung cancer. Shocking! — ...

Excited Delirium: Some Good News: Ontario Cottagers Will Not Get Hydro Rebate

The entire Ontario Hydro portfolio is a disaster. Kathleen Wynne has admitted it. The opposition leaders know it. Thankfully, the rural rebate will not be applied to temporary residents known as cottagers. Seasonal owners will not get a rebate from Ontario Hydro and will stay be forced to pay the delivery charge. If you don’t ...

Excited Delirium: Hey Lamestream, Focus on the Right Question: Did Jeff Sessions Lie to Congress?

Focus on the issue everyone: did Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s appointee for Attorney General, perjure himself?

In This Corner: The Return of Stuff Happens, week 8: Trump’s almost good week; invasion of the super rich.

Donald Trump almost had a good week. And then he did what he does best. This week, the orange menace gave this first speech to congress, and he didn’t make a complete and utter ass of himself. The fact he didn’t insult anyone, didn’t tell any flagrant lies, and didn’t make any especially incendiary remarks ...

We Pivot: Be Enthused!

Be inspired! Embrace possibility. And Art. And expression. And collaboration. Get it! Dig in! Watch this video. And remember ZeD on CBC about 15 years ago, with the deeply inspiring Sharon Lewis? Apparently we are not alone… 👽👽👽👽 … [Read more]

We Pivot: Because We ALL Need a Normal Day

It’s been a rough 16 weeks. I know. So as we fight hard to pivot to a new world just a bit closer to utopia, today let’s enjoy this, to at least try to make something normal. If you're going … [Read more]

Excited Delirium: Trump To Spend NATO Into Oblivion

Trump’s military plan is to spend NATO into oblivion. The answer to Trump’s challenge: stop spending on military.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: 2017 Tobacco Company Ad-buy For YouTube

I would take the plain packaging ad circulating more seriously, if it wasn't funded by Japan Tobacco International. #canpoli — Lucas Kuffner (@lucaskuffner) February 27, 2017 My YouTube viewing on TV was interrupted by an ad. I uncharacteristically watched it because it seemed political. It was an astroturf ad by what looked like JTI-Macdonald Corp. in ...

In This Corner: The Return of Stuff Happens, week 8: Take us away from this, Oscar!

Nothing happened in the world this week, so I’m going to devote this blog to the Academy Awards. Yes, I know that things did happen in the world this week, but 90% of them involved Donald Trump, and I just cannot read, write or hear another word about the creeping orange terror. Seriously, this guy ...

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We Pivot: What Will T$$$p’s Gestapo Be Called?

What will T***p's Gestapo be called? #AmericanFascism — 💭💬💭 (@WePivot) February 20, 2017