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Babel-on-the-Bay: Hand-wringing in academia.

You would have thought that Edward Greenspon had covered the subject. He released his Public Policy Forum report on Canada’s news media recently and we thought that was it. We all hung some crepe for a dying industry, maybe shed a tear and the report was consigned to the recycle bin for things we will ...

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Excited Delirium: Quote for our times

I marvel at the simple notion that we are now run by a gaggle of 70 year-olds that swear by deregulation and dog-eat-dog capitalism but they live in gated communities that will turf you out if you dare paint your door a different colour. Me, Feb 8, 2017.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Be Next

@SteveKopack Nothing about this is funny. Why do these "people" laugh? — Ozzie (@OzziePants777) February 7, 2017

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Susan on the Soapbox: Kellie Leitch: An Example of “New Racism”

On Sept 7, 2016 Kellie Leitch posted a tweet in which she shared an article that appeared in Macleans magazine.  The article set out her proposal to vet all newcomers to Canada for “anti-Canadian values”. On January 29, 2017 six Muslim men were murdered in a Quebec mosque by a white Canadian man who apparently ...

In This Corner: The Return of Stuff Happens, week 5: Horror hits home; Trudeau breaks a promise; Stupor Bowl ads

Events on Sunday in Quebec City served as a reminder, if we needed one, that Canada is not immune to madness. Last Sunday, a sad loser walked into a Quebec City mosque and opened fire on people who were praying. Yes, praying. He killed six,  injuring many others; it could have been so much worse. ...

Parchment in the Fire: Trade union leader released after three days of protests across Italy

Struggles in Italy The national coordinator of the Si Cobas trade union was released on bail yesterday after his lawyer stated that the accusations against him are beginning to collapse. Aldo Milani, the head of Si Cobas was arrested on Friday during negotiations he was conducting. According to Si Cobas: “In the late afternoon (of ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Bad Lip Reading is Amazingable

Yes, it’s a made-up word, just like the words in this video. This video is AMAZINGABLE! #NFL — John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) February 3, 2017 This is pretty catchy:

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Trudeau’s Broken Reform Promise

At the Parliamentary Committee I spoke at, I told Nathan Cullen I was disappointed he wasn’t running for the NDP leadership. Listening to NDP MP Nathan Cullen rip Trudeau over electoral reform promise breaking, the PM must be relieved he's not running for leader. — Don Martin (@DonMartinCTV) February 1, 2017 Global really holds the ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wall Gets Support From Postmedia & CBC For “Doing Right Thing”

“rather than the politicians trying to do the right thing“ You’ve evidence that Wall is trying to now do the right thing, and not cynically trying to get out in front of an issue to which public opinion has turned against his view of only a year ago? Wall pays enough hacks that he doesn’t ...

Excited Delirium: Electoral Reform Petition: Tell Them You Care

There is an official petition concerning electoral reform available here: Please sign it, send it and share it. Our future depends on it.

Excited Delirium: Democracy, RIP

Democracy isn’t just dead, it was murdered by cynics and vote thieves like Justin Trudeau.

Babel-on-the-Bay: One person can spoil your whole day.

No, this is not about the poor, sick misfit who is charged with murdering six Canadians in a Quebec City mosque. It is about the guilt we all share for bigotry world-wide. We share the guilt because we let it happen. Sure, you can pile the guilt on the pathetic President of the United States. ...

Excited Delirium: Electoral Reform Promises Made, Promises Broken

It has just been announced (here and here) that Justin Trudeau will not pursue electoral reform in his current mandate. Let’s hope, then, that the mandate is kept to just one, as Justin Trudeau is proving himself to be a putz on a major scale. Apparently, there isn’t support for a new electoral system.  What ...

Parchment in the Fire: Why Benoit Hamon’s primaries victory is good news for European progressives

Yanis Varoufakis A few years ago, in a televised chat with other French progressives, Benoît Hamon succinctly exposed the essence of our troubles in Europe: “[EU] governments may change,” he said, “but not the policies”. View original post 293 more words Filed under: Uncategorized

Eh Types: How Canadians Can Resist Trump

The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency was not at all what many expected — it was considerably worse. Following his election, many found solace in the idea that a serial liar like Trump was unlikely to fulfill the many ugly promises he made. His border wall and Muslim ban were no more likely to ...

In This Corner: The Return of Stuff Happens, week 4: Trump’s rule by fiat

We all know how powerful the President of the United States is. But I don’t know if we ever recognized just how powerful. Almost … dictatorial? Don’t agree? Well, what other kind of leader can decide, with the stroke of an expensive pen, to ban immigrants from 14 countries, on the basis that they belong ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: American ban on refugees is a crisis Canada must help solve

Dear Minister Goodale: Please help refugees stranded by the illegal and immoral Republican ban on Muslim people going to the United States. You could grant access to Canada for any family that had already been granted an American Visa which was subsequently cancelled yesterday by the Republicans. This is an international humanitarian crisis, and I ...

The Progressive Economics Forum: A Critical Take on Staples

Almost a century ago W.A. Mackintosh and Harold Innis created the staple approach to Canadian studies which came to be the core of “Canadian political economy.” Post World War II the staple approach was revised and rejuvenated, and became the core of what was now called “the New Canadian Political Economy.” There have always been ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Astrophotography Is The Best

You're looking at a video of FOUR directly-imaged exoplanets orbiting a star. You're looking at another solar system in motion — Jennifer Harrison (@GeneticJen) January 27, 2017 Jupiter is approximately 5.2 AU from our Sun, so almost 20 AU is pretty distant. First look at this star sitting 129 light-years away in the Pegasus ...

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Parchment in the Fire: European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) – Uses and abuses of the OECD’s Employment Protection Legislation index in research and EU policy making / Working Papers / Publications / Home

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Excited Delirium: #bellletstalk about branded causes

Does corporate co-opting of issues (mental health, breast cancer, diabetes) make things better or worse? I’m happy to talk about mental illness or any other issue for that matter, but I don’t need Bell Canada as a middle ground.