Montreal Simon: The Slow Destruction of the Harper Regime

It's like a danse macabre. It's hard to know how much more he can take before he implodes.Or does something crazy. Because it's all going horribly wrong. The opposition has him in their sights.And in all the years I've been watching him, I've never seen Stephen Harper looking so defeated and so desperate.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Mike Duffy and the Hoggy Senate

Golly. I knew if we put Mike Duffy's mug on a milk carton something good might happen.And sure enough, it did.He took a short walk in the snow, and finally admitted he was wrong mistaken confused.Senator Mike Duffy says he's going to pay back the living expenses he's claimed for his Ottawa home.Duffy blamed the Senate ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Senate Nightmare

Gosh. When I watched Question Period today I wasn't sure whether I should call the fire department or the bomb disposal team.For as you can see from this thermal image, Great Angry Leader was practically glowing in the dark, and threatening to blow up. And of course it was the Senate, his horrible nightmare that just ...

Montreal Simon: The Brazeau Duffy Con Senate Show

Uh oh. It looks as if Senator Brazzman's words have come back to haunt him.One moment he was putting down Chief Spence, and claiming he's a better example for native youth than she is.The next moment he was telling that one to the police AND Boss Harper. Read more »