Alberta Politics: A ‘merger’ between the Alberta Party and the Progressive Conservatives? Unlikely

PHOTOS: A meeting of the Alberta Party’s “Big Listen,” circa 2010. Actual Alberta Party coffee parties may not have appeared exactly as illustrated. Below: Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark, former leaders Sue Huff and Glenn Taylor, and PC Party President Katherine O’Neill (from Facebook). Don’t bet the farm on a “merger” between the Progressive Conservatives ... - Alberta Politics: Candidate nomination update on International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day, today’s candidate update focuses specifically on the total number of women nominated to run for Alberta’s political parties in the upcoming provincial election. Women make up the majority of our population, but they rarely come even… Continue Reading → - Alberta Politics: So long Liberalberta! Raj Sherman calls it quits.

All four main political parties will have new leaders going into the next election after today’s announcement by Liberal leader Raj Sherman that he is resigning as leader and will not seek re-election as the MLA for Edmonton-Meadowlark. Like the Wildrose Party, who… Continue Reading → - Alberta politics: Michael Walters, Ray Martin jump into the municipal election.

TweetWith much attention focused last week on Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel‘s harsh criticisms of the recent provincial budget, it may have been easy to miss news that candidates planning to seek election in this October’s municipal election are beginning to creep out of the woodwork. Community organizer Michael Walters launched his campaign this weekend in ...

Alberta Diary: Glen Taylor quits as leader – Alberta Party ponders the Big Goodbye

Your blogger in happier times with departing Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. Below: Party luminaries Michael Walters and Sue Huff. Get ready for the Big Re-Think. Or the Long Goodbye. Or something… Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor has resigned, the world learned yesterday. He’ll step from the provincial political stage on Sept. 22, when the ... - Alberta politics blog: is there any life left in the [alberta] party?

Tweet The Alberta Party's former Acting-Leader Sue Huff and MLA Dave Taylor on January 2011. The only person to sit as an Alberta Party MLA in the Legislative Assembly, former Calgary-Currie MLA Dave Taylor, published some thoughts on his website about the future of that party. Having decided to retire at the last election after ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election endorsements.

Over the course of the election campaign, I have identified candidates from all the political parties who would be good MLA’s in the next Legislature. Out of the group of more than 400 Albertans seeking office in the 2012 general election, I have chosen six candidates who I personally believe would make excellent additions to ... - Alberta politics blog: predicting alberta’s election results.

We have received more than 100 entries for the joint Daveberta and CalgaryGrit Great Alberta Election pool and have entered these predictions into a state of the art spreadsheet to discover some interesting predictions for tomorrow’s vote. Alberta election pool seat count prediction: Averages (from The average of the seat count predictions would see Danielle Smith’s ... - Alberta politics blog: the great alberta election pool.

Who will run the show after April 23? On Monday, Albertans will go to the polls in what is already being dubbed a “historic” election. The outcome is uncertain, so why not gaze into your crystal ball and enter the Daveberta and CalgaryGrit election pool. It is simple enough – predict the seat totals for ... - Alberta politics blog: a wildrose government will need a real opposition.

Danielle Smith with Wildrose MLA's Paul Hinman, Heather Forsyth, and Rob Anderson in 2010. Despite questioning climate science and refusing to remove one candidate who railed against a policy to protect sexual minorities in public schools and another who claimed his skin colour as a political advantage, Danielle Smith‘s Wildrose Party appears set to form a government after April ... - Alberta politics blog: redford orders mla’s to return pay, cancels transition allowance, and sherman crashes her party.

Premier Alison Redford has announced that Tory MLA’s will repay all the money they received from the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections (aka the “no-work” committee) and that MLA’s who retire or are defeated in future elections may not received a generous severance package. Ordering Tory MLAs to pay back all the money and ... - Alberta politics blog: who should be invited to the televised leaders’ debate?

PC leader Premier Alison Redford, Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, NDP leader Brian Mason, and Liberal leader Raj Sherman. The televised Leaders’ debate for Alberta’s 2012 election will be aired on April 12 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm on Global Television. The debate will include Progressive Conservative leader Premier Alison Redford, Liberal Party leader Raj Sherman, Wildrose ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election day 1: campaign kick-offs and legalizing prostitution.

Alberta's political leaders are off to a slow start on the first day of the 2012 election. With hours of the election being called yesterday, Premier Alison Redford kicked-off the Progressive Conservative campaign at the campaign office of Edmonton-Glenora MLA Heather Klimchuk. First-term MLA Ms. Klimchuk is facing one of the most hotly contested races in ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election 2012: counting women candidates.

Women make up the majority of Alberta’s population, but they rarely come even close to being the majority in electoral politics. Alberta’s 2012 election could be notable for many reasons, two of those reasons being that it will be the first where both the incumbent Premier, Alison Redford, and the leader of the party polling ... - Alberta politics blog: 15 races to watch in alberta’s 2012 election.

In the lead up to the Alberta’s 2012 election, I have identified fifteen constituencies across the province that could produce interesting contests and results when the election is called. 15 races to watch in Alberta's 2012 election. 1) Highwood The Wildrose Party has staked their future in the success of leader Danielle Smith and I ... - Alberta politics blog: looking back at 2011: alberta mla’s who made a difference.

Each year around this time, I compile a list of a handful of Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly who I believe deserve mentioning following their political performance over the past year. This is just my list, so please feel free to agree, disagree, or make your own suggestions in the comment section below. Here is ... - Alberta politics blog: the alberta party: what now?

There was an interesting bit of online chatter earlier this week after an article written by provincial affairs reporter Keith Gerein was published in the Edmonton Journal (“Alberta Party drifts out of limelight“). It is really unfair to say that the Alberta Party ever occupied the limelight. It would probably be more accurate to describe ... - Alberta politics blog: former ndp leader ray martin trying for a comeback in edmonton-glenora.

In a very unexpected move, former MLA and NDP leader Ray Martin has announced that he is seeking the NDP nomination in Edmonton-Glenora. Mr. Martin served as the MLA for Edmonton-Norwood from 1982 to 1993 and Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview from 2004 until 2008. He aws the leader of the Alberta NDP from 1984 until 1994 and he ... - Alberta politics blog: what to make of the wildrose drop, the ndp growth, and the tory restoration?

I am not the first political watcher to weigh in with my views on the Calgary Herald–Edmonton Journal poll conducted by Environics that I mentioned on my blog yesterday morning, but I am going to offer my thoughts nonetheless. The poll of 900 Albertans showed that the Progressive Conservatives have once again risen to a ... - Alberta politics blog: politicos march in edmonton’s 2011 pride parade.

Tens of thousands of Edmontonians packed the streets of downtown on Saturday  for the first major festival event of the summer – Edmonton’s Pride Parade. Held the same day as the City Centre Market and the Al Fresco Block Party on 104 Street, our city’s downtown core into a vibrant and very fun day-long party. ... - Alberta politics blog: updated: alberta candidate nomination updates – june 2011.

The summer months are here and while the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals are preoccupied with choosing new leaders, the Wildrose Alliance are focusing on nominating a swath of candidates across the province. Here are some updates to the list of candidate nominations happening across Alberta: Travis Olson, Wildrose Alliance candidate in Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater: Travis Olson ... - Alberta politics blog: recap: alberta party leadership convention.

Over 300 people attended the Alberta Party leadership convention. The Alberta Party held their leadership convention on May 27 and 28 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton and I attended as a member from the Edmonton-Centre constituency. Despite my reservations about the low-key leadership contest, I was impressed with the quality, organization, and positive ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: This just in: New Alberta Party leader gives speech; old leader sings Over the Rainbow (really!)

Outgoing Acting Alberta Party Leader Sue Huff sings Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, I’m not making this up! Below: First ballot leadership vote victor Glenn Taylor. I went to the Alberta Party convention this weekend. I ate the cookie (chocolate chip) and the sandwich (egg salad), but I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Not yet, anyway.Mostly, I’m ...