Liberals triple support in Lethbridge: Liberals at 24%, NDP at 14%, Conservatives at 38%

Something is happening in Lethbridge. According to a group out of Lethbridge College the Liberals under Trudeau have jumped from 8.38% (2011) to 24% for the area of Lethbridge. Provincially, Raj Sherman’s Liberals have jumped from 14.7% (2012) to 18% in Lethbridge-East, a point ahead of the Wildrose and the clear alternative compared to the ... Admitting My Failure

At the Alberta Liberal Party’s annual general meeting in June more than two thirds voted to shut down the supporter system. As someone who championed the system when it was first introduced, and then pushed for it nationally for the federal Liberals, I must admit my failure to both Albertans and to the provincial party. And ... Alberta Liberal and Federal Liberal Cooperation? Lets Go.

I was talking to one of my friends around the the university the other day and I brought up Raj Sherman’s interview in the Calgary Herald on some form of cooperation between the two Liberal parties in Alberta. It was an off-hand comment and I didn’t really expect a conversation to come of it. He ... Crybaby Liberals, Part 2

The previous blog post was seen as a might bit unfair by a couple of folks on twitter. Particularly in my thought that Ms. Murray and Coyne were so off base that their position was quite farcical. Let me explain in more depth the problems with their position. Firstly, they’ve warped the idea of the ...