cartoon life: A more accurate nightmare I’ve never seen

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cartoon life: Stevie and Grumpy

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LeDaro: Similarity between a politician and a mosquito

LeDaro: Listening to a politician Ten phrases that need to die in 2014.

All lists start with a bottle of scotch, a dash of politics, and a bit of pent up frustration. This is one of those lists. 1). “____ should resign.” Be it Ford, Harper, Dave Hancock, or others, we’ve had calls for politicians to resign from across the country (at a glance, most of them being Conservatives). ...

LeDaro: Quote of The Day

Some people post quotes. I found a good one.

LeDaro: A politician is…..

The Scott Ross: Another Thing Trudeau & Layton Have In Common

Justin Trudeau and the late Jack Layton have quite a few similarities, underestimation by Conservatives is yet another. It wasn’t too long ago a certain inexperienced federal politician became leader of a third place political party. Though the son of a prominent politician1, in his early life he had not been immediately drawn to federal ... Ralph Klein died today.

Surrounded by friends and family he passed away earlier today. While many of his policies were controversial and his legacy will be debated… the measure of him by all people, parties, and partisans will be the same. He was a hell of a guy. A mix between passion, hard nosed grit-that-gets-stuff-done, and a sense of ...

LeDaro: Justin Trudeau: Bald-men are more successful as politician

A while ago I read an article that bald men make more successful politicians. Let us take Justin Trudeau as an example. What do you think? I could not find that particular article but here is a similar one. His father P.E. Trudeau was bald.:)

DeSmogBlog: Keystone XL Pipeline To Take Center Stage At Republican National Convention

money-pipeline.jpg Over the next few days, Republican lawmakers, Party officials, delegates, and supporters will gather in Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention. During their weeklong convention, we can expect to hear a lot of debunked talking points, particularly about the need to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. For more than a year, Republican lawmakers ...

DeSmogBlog: Dirty Energy Lobby Wins In EU – Shale Gas Now Considered “Green Energy”

lobbyist-payoff1.jpg In a headline that would appear to be ripped off the pages of The Onion, The Guardian UK this week reported “Gas rebranded as green energy by EU.” After billions of dollars spent in lobbying efforts over the years, the dirty energy industry in the European Union has managed to convince leaders that natural ...

CalgaryLiberal: Renewing Raj’s Contract

I’ve been thinking. I want to renew Raj’s contract–for leader of the Alberta Liberals. He has a nose for politics, knows exactly what the party needs to build in terms of organization and skill sets, and he was key to the reason why the party did so well. Rather than an implosion, like what many ...