Montreal Simon: Blue Monday and the Gloomy Canadians

Today is Blue Monday, the day some say is the most depressing day of the year. For obvious reasons.AS the Christmas memories fade, all we are left with are a hammered bank account, a bulge around the waist, gloomy weather and a return to work after weeks of partying.  These factors all come together in ...

Montreal Simon: The Con Media and the Conapocalypse

It was Rosemary Con Barton's last At Issue panel of the year, and as usual it was a horror show.The ghastly Con conclave declared Pierre Poilievre to be the politician of the year for smearing Bill Morneau as only he could. Yes, that Pierre Poilievre.Then to make matters even more obscene, Con Barton did solemnly declare that the ...

Montreal Simon: The Shameless Con Media and the Cowardly Cons

As I'm sure you know, many Cons are not very smart, they tend to be extremely paranoid, and they're definitely not very brave.Not because their brains are necessarily smaller, but because their fear glands are humungous. Peering inside the brain with MRI scans, researchers at University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than ...

Montreal Simon: Andrew Scheer’s Desperate Attempt to Change His Image

As I'm sure you have noticed, Andrew Scheer is looking a little ragged these days. For six months he has been attacking Justin Trudeau like a bat out of hell, or a maniac. Or an alt-right religious fanatic.But sadly for him it's just not working.In fact, it's an absolute disaster.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Sheer Desperation of Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer isn't smiling as much as he used to these days, as he tries one thing after the other to make himself more popular.And destroy Justin Trudeau.But even with the help of his Mini-Me, Hamish Marshall from The Rebel, it's all going horribly wrong.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Poll Wars: The Liberals Are Back On Top

Oh dear. Yesterday the grinning religious fanatic Andrew Scheer was flying high, after a Forum poll showed him and his Cons leading the Liberals for the first time in a long time.But I wondered whether the poll was an outlier.And now it seems it was.And poor old Scheer isn't grinning anymore. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Justin Trudeau Has The Wind In His Sails

It's getting pretty close to my favourite time of the year. Time to think about harnessing the wind out on the lake, and getting away from it all.Now that I have almost recovered from my motorcycle accident.Or just taking to my hammock, reading some real books, and making a list of the many reasons I ...

Cowichan Conversations: Come Clean, Ms. Green

The Green Party have betrayed their lofty ideals and haughty denunciation of the other parties. Murray Dobbin continues his fine work and analysis with another very significant blog. Come clean, Ms. Green Posted on September Read more…

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Disappearing Budget Surplus

Well he's still out there with his trusty sidekick the rhinestone Cowboy Jason Kenney, trying to put a brave face on the situation.Still serving pancakes to the faithful, and judging from this photo, no doubt scoffing back a few of them himself.But it's clear that the stress is getting to him. For it seems that every day ...

Cowichan Conversations: Liberals back on top in new Nanos poll

Canadian politics has livened up spurred on by the sluggish economic performance, the Duffy trial, the Alberta elections, and the ongoing troubles in the Oil and Gas industry. The National Observer’s digital news site has Read more…

OPSEU Diablogue: Two-thirds of Ontarians would vote for a strong health care platform — Nanos

It was a curious decision by the media conglomerate putting on the Tuesday’s leaders debate. Limiting viewer questions to six, you’d have thought one of them would have dealt with Ontario’s struggling health care system. As it was, health care … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Future Federal surplus? Use it for health care say Canadians

There is little doubt that the Harper government intends to start the tax cuts rolling again as soon as it reaches a balanced budget, but are Canadians really looking at the state of the nation and demanding more of their own … Continue reading →