Warren Kinsella: Does the Toronto Star plagiarize?

Why, yes, it does. I plan to write further about this, after Friday morning’s demos to fee Pussy Riot. Try and be there, wherever you live.

Warren Kinsella: Is a member of Pussy Riot a Canadian?

In the surprising video, below, you will clearly see that Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has a Canadian permanent resident card.  The Russian police – when not focussing the camera on her breasts – think it is legitimate enough to interrogate Tolokonnikova about it. The exchange with Tolokonnikova is inconclusive, and the video has been ...

Warren Kinsella: Blast off

Marc Garneau is a very impressive guy. Glad to hear he’s thinking about running, and I hope he does. Justin, meanwhile, remains elusive. I don’t expect Liberals will hear from him or other caucus candidates until after Labour Day.

Warren Kinsella: Canada Live, Aug. 15: poking through the polling entrails

Wherein, I opine that Harper become more popular after dissing Miley Cyrus’ new haircut.

Warren Kinsella: Phony Tony: little lost PC candidate

So, Tony Genco: was a federal Liberal, lost. Became a provincial Conservative, lost. Now he’s running again, although not for the NDP. He’s still a Conservative, although he’s a bit hard to pin down the issues and whatnot. Thus, this sign. It’s a little hard to make out (perhaps it was snapped by Mayor Ford ...

Warren Kinsella: Arm the Syrian rebels now

Important column by Tim Harper. Read it.

Warren Kinsella: Everyone should hate Marineland

Amazing investigative reporting by Linda Diebel. A must read. It is also long, long overdue. Those of us who work for animal protection/welfare – my firm has worked for years for the OSPCA, the Humane Society of Canada and the Humane Society of the United States, and against seal and whale hunting – detest Marineland ...

Warren Kinsella: Big reporting by Don Martin

…and a big disgrace for the Reformatories. They have now fully become what they pledged to destroy.

Warren Kinsella: Harper and God

Told you so. From one of the best reporters in this country, David Akin: “You may have read elsewhere that Harper is secretly guided by Canadian Christian evangelicals and that his faith in Christ guides his political decisions. Ask any of the dozens who have worked closely with Harper over the last decade about this ...

Warren Kinsella: You can’t pin this one on Mazza

McKerlie, however, you can.

Warren Kinsella: On open letter to Toronto police

Dear Toronto Police Service: Warren here.  Now that you have changed the law to protect the mayor of Toronto, I figured I’d drop you a line. This story, you see, has pissed me (and plenty of others) right off.  Rob Ford clearly broke the law.  Everyone knows it.  You should, too. You guys aren’t allowed ...

Warren Kinsella: Ford follies: episode ad infinitum

Look at the bright side: at least when the world’s worst mayor was caught, this time, he didn’t lie. Like he’s done plenty of times in the past (here and here and here). Toronto’s world class? World’s ass, more like. Mayor Ford, reading while driving on a highway, going 70 kph. No word on which ...

Warren Kinsella: I’m coming home

“Yes, I want to tell everybody that I love everybody. Keep your heads up. We are all family, people of God Almighty. We’re all good. I’m ready. Are they already doing it? I’m gonna go to sleep. See you later. This stuff stings, man almighty.” Hard words to read: the final statements of the hundreds ...

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: the death of Big Media

A while back, I gave a talk at the University of Toronto. My topic was how big institutions ­— governments, unions, corporations, associations and (particularly) big media — are completely out to lunch when it comes to communication. I told the 300 kids in attendance that big institutions speak in a language, and a manner, ...

Warren Kinsella: Paul Ryan caption contest

Warren Kinsella: Pussy Riot verdict soon – get T-shirt for their legal defence

Warren Kinsella: Mystery furniture

This is a picture of The Mystery Furniture, received from Lala to mark the weeks-long Festival of Joy. It’s up at the cabin, now, and she bought it in Brighton. It is a mystery. Apparently it comes from Romania, and was handmade by the Roma (don’t tell Col. Kenney). It has wooden hinges and overlapping ...

Warren Kinsella: The Festival of Joy: A debate about the Id, the Ego and the Superego

So, it’s the Festival of Joy. What better use of it could there be than debating the Id, the Ego and the Superego on the 401 with Lala? Here is my dilemma: the Id is demanding, selfish, ravenous, irresponsible, and so on. The Ego, theoretically, holds the Id in check. That is, it continually seeks ...

Warren Kinsella: Romney and Ryan

…like most conservatives, say they believe in “the dignity of human life.” Unless, as someone observed this morning, you are a human who is poor or sick.

Warren Kinsella: In Sunday’s Sun: Putin’s afraid of grrrls

Pussy Riot? Admittedly, it’s a bit of a controversial name. But in the global punk scene — which has produced countless bands with unseemly handles like the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion and The Circle Jerks — having a shocking name is standard fare. So, too, offensive lyrics, offensive messages and offensive behaviour. Punks ...

Warren Kinsella: SFH on iTunes!

May not be a massively big deal to anyone else, but the geriatric punks in SFH are delighted: we’ve hit the big time, baby! Groupies, drug habits and garishly expensive world tours await! Or, not.  Anyway.  Buy our songs.  We have lawyers to pay.

Warren Kinsella: Tell them all to go to Hell

Suits my mood.  Epic song of this part of this Summer.  ‘The House That Heaven Built,’ Japandroids: When the soul of the city was laid to rest, and the nights forgotten and left for dead I happened on a house built of living light, where everything evil dissapears and dies When they love you, and ...

Warren Kinsella: Voters of K-W and Vaughan take note: the Ontario PCs don’t care about drunk drivers in your community

After a weekend where the province experienced a huge number of drunk-driving arrests – and drunkness-related deaths – what is the response of Hudak’s Tea Party North? They want to make booze easier to get.  For kids, too. These guys have just made a huge, huge miscalculation.  Just watch.

Warren Kinsella: A Worthington column that must be read

Ban assault weapons: that’s one of our leading conservatives saying that, folks.

Warren Kinsella: Unidentified Liberal strategist makes Sun News debut

…looks like I should start packing my bags!