Warren Kinsella: Dan Gardner is going to get mad at me for this

Dan Gardner is an intimidating guy.  I met him about a decade ago, when he was leaving the employ of the Ontario PC government and heading off to work at the Ottawa Citizen.  He was a big, slightly-intimidating guy.  I figured he was a conservative, and that we wouldn’t agree on much. In the interim, ...

Warren Kinsella: The Ontario PCs and NDs want an election

One said they’d vote against the budget before they read it; the other says they’ll vote against it if all the demands in their ransom note aren’t met. We don’t want an election. But we’ll be ready when and if there is one.

Warren Kinsella: Justice delayed is (hopefully) not justice denied

The latest in the Trayvon Martin tragedy, here.  Hope it’s correct.

Warren Kinsella: Fern Hill, Idiot: a continuing series

She doesn’t seem to understand why declaring the founder of Free Dominion her “good friend,” and linking to her, is a really bad idea.  In fact, “Fern” has lately taken to expressing her pride in being associated with racist dregs. Here’s a sampling of just a few words posted over the past two years on Free ...

Warren Kinsella: Interesting tale from Mr. Angry Dipper’s past

No wonder he looked medicated in that NDP ad!

Warren Kinsella: Harper and Mulcair’s Achilles heel

Both despise the Charter, for different reasons. Harper loathes equality; Mulcair hates the idea that provinces are equal, and the Charter’s genesis. Liberals need to be all over this. If there is one document Canadians cherish, it’s this one. Heed the instincts of the old guy, always. “Former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien is expressing ...

Warren Kinsella: Prog blogs

This ain’t a blog, it’s a web site. But if I had to define it, I’d say it was indeed “progressive.” Just not a Prog Blog. Anyway, the progressive web site folks have added me to their helpful aggregator, found here. I’ve therefore added them to my blog roll, a few inches to the left, ...

Warren Kinsella: Your morning Robocon: the GOP lends a hand

In at least two Conservative-won ridings with reported election irregularities, Front Porch Strategies had US staff on the ground – possibly against Elections Canada rules barring foreign campaigning. In the wake of the “robocall” voter suppression scandal, the Republican-tied U.S. firm hired by 14 Conservative campaigns admitted on Friday to having had U.S. staff working ...

Warren Kinsella: This is a test

I am dictating this post, I am not typing it. This is a first.

Warren Kinsella: Fern Hill is still an idiot

And she still thinks hanging out where neo-Nazis and white supremacists hang out is okay. It isn’t. Time for Fern to learn a lesson, I’d say.

Warren Kinsella: Wildrose supporter Richard Evans

Evans is a Calgary resident who has made failed runs for municipal office in Calgary.  More recently, he has been a participant at Wildrose conventions, and is very active in their campaign, principally online.  Here is what I know (so far) about his history: Evans has promoted pedophilia by squatting on web addresses, and redirecting ...

Warren Kinsella: Den Tandt’s suggestions for a new Liberalism

Worth a read.

Warren Kinsella: Having broken an arm lifting a chocolate bunny, I sympathize with His Worship

Please, God, please: please make sure he is a candidate in the next municipal election.  Please.

Warren Kinsella: CBC Dispatches

Very, very sad to see it go.  I liked that program, a lot.

Warren Kinsella: Danielle Smith’s “conscience” – in her own words

The Wildrose leader says doctors, nurses, marriage officials and other public officials should be able to make decisions according to their own conscience. So, what does Danielle Smith’s own “conscience” have to say about important issues like reproductive freedom, equal marriage, health care, personal behaviour and the Charter of Rights? Here she is, in her ...

Warren Kinsella: Whose “conscience”?

If it’s Wildrose’s “conscience,” get ready for social chaos: Then there’s “conscience rights.” The Wildrose policy book says government should “implement legislation protecting the ‘conscience rights’ of health care professionals.” The policy doesn’t spell out what that means, but when party delegates voted for the policy they put it in the context of a health-care ...

Warren Kinsella: Would Wildrose make abortions, gay marriage and equality harder to get?

Of course they would. And, if I were still home, would I vote Alberta PC for the first time in my life to stop Wildrose from seizing power? Of course I would.

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: fraud isn’t a “value”

For North American conservatives, there are two victories prized most: George W. Bush’s win over Al Gore in 2000, and Stephen Harper’s trouncing of Michael Ignatieff in 2011. In the fights between conservatives and liberals, those are the two that the Right cherish. Against all odds, conservatives humiliated liberals (in the latter), or seized ultimate ...

Fusing and Musing: Vetted by Facebook?

In an age where the “online spying” and “indefinite detention” become tools by the government to suppress the population and create fear of dissent, I have become completely convinced that I am being vetted by Facebook. I have recently returned from the beautiful Caribbean coast of Honduras. I visited Copan Ruinas, near the Guatemalan border, ...