Warren Kinsella: Free Pussy Riot Tees!

Warren Kinsella: John Paul Villeneuve

I was very sad to learn of his passing only this morning. I don’t think there was anyone I’ve ever met who was so enthusiastic about my books. With him, I always knew I had one keen reader. My deepest condolences to his amazing family. A great loss to the arts and reading.

Warren Kinsella: Fight The Right in the new Quill and Quire

“Whether scrapping in the political trenches as a Liberal Party of Canada campaign strategist, or writing about the history of punk music, Warren Kinsella could never be considered a shrinking violet. His new book, Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse (Random House Canada, $22.95 pa., Sept.), is a typically provocative, ...

Warren Kinsella: Pussy Riot: the band, and the trial, explained


Warren Kinsella: It wasn’t “frustration.” It was hate.

Headlines like this are sloppy and reckless. So too the inane police comments about “we might never know” what motivated the pig who killed innocent people in a place of worship. He was motivated by hate, for Chrissakes. When he’s quoting the Fourteen Words to everyone (“We must secure the existence of our people and ...

Warren Kinsella: Not in today’s Sun: this column on politics and religion

[Not sure where it is. In the meantime, here’s what I filed.] “Where knowledge ends,” British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once opined, “religion begins.” So what do we know about the religions of Prime Ministers? Pierre Trudeau was a devout Roman Catholic, and remained so to his dying day.  John Turner was (and is) deeply ...

Warren Kinsella: Free Pussy Riot!

The official web site. Read up, follow the trial, and donate to their defence. SFH is getting a banner made up to promote the sale of our FREE PUSSY RIOT T-shirts. All proceeds to their defence. Stay tuned.

Warren Kinsella: Sikh temple shooter a white supremacist

Here. They’ve been searching his place all night. I won’t be at all surprised if they find the sort of propaganda – Steyn et al. – that inspired Anders Breivik. Words lead to deeds. It is always thus.

Warren Kinsella: Toronto tonight: SFH at the Garrison

Warren Kinsella: SFH at Elmdale Tavern in Ottawa tonight, raising money for Pussy Riot

Shot by Lala. Also in attendance: Daly Beauty, James Bowie, Brad Lavigne and Rick Smith!

Warren Kinsella: Ottawa: SFH outside Russian embassy

Free Pussy Riot now! Come see SFH at Elmdale Tavern tonight, and raise funds for Pussy Riot’s defence!

Warren Kinsella: Ottawa: SFH outside Russian embassy

Free Pussy Riot now! Come see SFH at Elmdale Tavern tonight, and raise funds for Pussy Riot’s defence!

Warren Kinsella: Ottawa: SFH outside Russian embassy

Free Pussy Riot now! Come see SFH at Elmdale Tavern tonight, and raise funds for Pussy Riot’s defence!

Warren Kinsella: In tomorrow’s Sun: looming disaster – and the only solution

More than the B.C.-Alberta pipeline fracas. More than the premiers demanding more for health care. More than transfer payments to have-not provinces, or even whether we should have a province-led national energy strategy. The Quebec provincial election. More than any other provincial issue, that is the one — comme toujours — with the greatest implications ...

Warren Kinsella: SFH says: FREE PUSSY RIOT!

Tees made up by my man Hallice at tobeseen.ca! On sale at our Ottawa show tomorrow night at the Elmdale!

Warren Kinsella: Punk contest! Vote!

Here. (And, no SFH isn’t on there.  During the round-robin, we deliberately threw our guitars at the netting to ensure we got a shitty band to go against in the semi-finals.  We were disqualified.  But come to our gig anyway! We’re raising money for Pussy Riot’s defence!)

Warren Kinsella: There’s an Apps for that

I (and one other, who wants to tell her story) warned plenty of folks.  They didn’t listen.

Warren Kinsella: Hey, I’m going to run, too!

I haven’t lived full-time in Calgary since 1987, when I graduated from law school, but who cares! If “Calgary Joe” can run, so can I! Anyone else wanna run with me?  Even a quick stopover at Calgary International Airport counts towards the residency requirement in the CPC!  C’mon – it’ll be fun!

Warren Kinsella: What a joke

And, when the CRG starts digging into the private lives of Liberal leadership candidates, they won’t be able to say a word about it.  Because they brought this guy back.  What a joke.

Warren Kinsella: Jon Latvis, fascist and liar

A few days ago, Jon Latvis got in a bit of PR trouble. Anti-Racist Canada spotted a photo of Latvis, in full stormtrooper regalia, meeting with Toronto mayor Rob Ford. They sent the picture to me, and Ford and his staff ended up having (another) bad day. Latvis, too. The guitarist for neo-Nazi band Rahowa ...

Warren Kinsella: “Canada has become a risk for Quebec”

Right on cue.  I didn’t know Marois was going to say this, but I certainly anticipated it in my Sun column, filed this morning and out on Sunday: Two: global, national and sub-national economies will continue to slide.  Unemployment will go up, growth will go down. In Quebec – where Stephen Harper is the most ...

Warren Kinsella: We get letters: this week’s winner!

From Tim Juhlke, timothyjuhlke2@hotmail.com, an instant classic! So anyone who actually wants to defend this nation is a nose breather you pathetic left wing bitch. Diversity is a weakness you traitor piece of shit. You and your like are the biggest enemies the western world has. Japan, Russia and the Ukraine are smarther than lefties. ...

Warren Kinsella: Ottawa SFH show on Saturday

It’s going to be a schmozzle. A circus. A travesty. In other words, the usual.

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: when Harper goes, they’re pooched

L’etat, c’est lui. That Stephen Harper is the undisputed leader in Canadian politics — that he utterly dominates the landscape, in a way no one else does — is a fact. It is also a blessing and a curse for the Conservative Party of Canada. It is a blessing in the sense that Harper, more ...

Warren Kinsella: Putin is afraid of these grrrls

Big tough judo guy, scared of a punk grrrl band called Pussy Riot. Chickenshit. We’ll be raising money for their defence at out Ottawa show. You can donate directly here. These women terrify the leader of Russia.