Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: tarnished medal

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the governor general informs us on a slick vice-regal website, is “a new commemorative medal … created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada.” The medal, enthused the GG, “is a tangible ...

Warren Kinsella: New Con attack ad on Angry Tom

It ain’t bad, either: But the best thing about the ad? The best thing is what one genius political pundit had to say, just last week, when he explained why Angry Steve was “going easy” on Angry Tom, and not running attack ads (like, er, the one above) against him: “…Harper is happy to see ...

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Hill Times: on that Trudeau guy

TORONTO—No exaggeration: there is actual excitement back in Canadian politics. Why? Justin Trudeau, that’s why.  In the days leading up to Bob Rae finally acknowledging reality—that, despite his smarts and experience, he was never, ever going to be Prime Minister—I started hearing rumours that Trudeau was considering a shot at the top Grit job after ...

Warren Kinsella: John Peterson

Of Toronto, Conservative. Trying to find him for a special delivery. Think he tweets under jpeterson67. Anyone got contact info?

Warren Kinsella: Random Egypt-related questions

1. I’ve known some guys who were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, here in Canada. Most moderate people I’ve ever met. I suppose that puts me on the side of the terrorists, now? 2. I wonder if Egypt would have narrowly elected this (allegedly) hardline guy, if Israel hadn’t previously elected an (allegedly) hardline guy, ...

Warren Kinsella: Liberal leader list

Lord, it’s long! Lotsa good names, too. If you couldn’t win your seat, however, you shouldn’t run. Same goes for those who carry debt from previous runs. See? I just shortened the long list, big time. You’re welcome.

Warren Kinsella: In Sunday’s Sun today: dying to die

VANCOUVER – Cementing its reputation as the place where wild-eyed legal decisions are given the fullest possible expression, a British Columbia court last week decided to turn Canadian law on its head. Matters of life and death, too. As you may have heard, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith ruled laws prohibiting assisted suicide were ...

Warren Kinsella: Back in TeeDot

Miss us?

Warren Kinsella: Our new friend at Stanley Park

Warren Kinsella: Do bears eat dandelions beside the woods?

Apparently! To the delight of me and my kids, we spotted this big boy on the side of Highway 3 yesterday, outside Hope.  We also shot a video of this big fella. Question: is this guy a grizzly? Bear experts, step up!

Warren Kinsella: Spotted along Highway 3 in BC

Two yetis.

Warren Kinsella: Back in Castlegar

So, am I heading back to an election or not? My preference is to have one, comme toujours, but that’s just me.

Warren Kinsella: In Sunday’s Sun: no one likes a phony

WINLAW, B.C. — Here in British Columbia’s Slocan Valley, a 10-hour drive east of Vancouver, a useful lesson in political authenticity. At Sissies diner on the main drag — where dusty pickups fill the lot, the Doors and Bob Seger are playing inside and the food is pretty amazing — nobody seems to be fretting ...

Warren Kinsella: I think i know who wrote this

I sense that he is upset that I am smarter than him, better looking than him, and that I make way, way – way – more money than he does. Women also dig me. They don’t dig him. I mean all of that, of course, in the nicest possible way.

Warren Kinsella: Ontario election: Hudak and Horwath want one

There’s no doubt now. Holy God, are they ever going to lose.

Warren Kinsella: Greetings from Winlaw, B.C.

Can anyone please tell me what the H, E, double hockey sticks is going on at Queen’s Park? Are Hudak and Horwath going to get their wish for an election, a few months after the last one?

Warren Kinsella: Harper on merger/coalition/cooperation

Tim, not Stephen. Here. Will any leadership candidate take up the mantle of unity? I doubt it. Despite the polling numbers, the contenders will be wary of being too controversial. Identity politics, they know, are often fraught with peril. Besides, there ain’t much point in getting dressed up for the dance when you lack a ...

Warren Kinsella: In Catlegar, B.C.

…but even from a great distance, one can detect the unmistakable odour of bullshit in the Ontario NDP’s claims.

Warren Kinsella: Near Hope, B.C., on way to Kinsellabration

Son Three: Dad, is Mountain Dew a spermicide? Me: What? [Pause.] Ask your mother.

Warren Kinsella: Bjorn and my new friend at North Van Walmart

All my life, I have been looking for this item.

Warren Kinsella: Back in North Van

…with the kids, Nana, Babs and Bjorn. To my great surprise, it’s been a torrential downpour since our arrival. Hill’s open, Shogun closed, old campaign office is now a Subway. Unabomber still there, lowering property values with impunity. Slocan Valley and family reunion, here we come!

Warren Kinsella: In tomorrow’s Sun today: Trudeau times ten

Liberals being Liberals, we prize one thing above all: Winning. Now that Bob Rae has figured out that he could never possibly win, Grits are again in search of someone who can. True, our party’s problems won’t be solved by a simple leadership change. But getting a popular new leader — a winner — isn’t ...

Warren Kinsella: Maximum Rock’n’Roll: Hot Nasties reissue “dumb teenagers from nowhere writing pop hits…a great goddamn record”

Just got sent this by Simon from Ugly Pop.  Maximum Rock’n’Roll!  The punk bible!  It took 32 years, but better late than never! HOT NASTIES – The Invasion of the Tribbles EP Reissue of a Calgary punk single from 1980 and it’s great! It’s got that British sound a lot of Canadian groups had for some reason, ...

Warren Kinsella: June 15

Dr. T. Douglas KINSELLA, CM, BA, MD, FACP, FRCPC. Like some men, and as was the practice in some families, my brothers and I did not hug my father a lot. As we got older in places like Montreal, or Kingston, or Dallas or Calgary, we also did not tell him that we loved him ...

Warren Kinsella: Ontario election?

Looks like all Summer vacations are about to be cancelled. Ballot question: The Ontario NDP and PCs forced an election months after the last one. If you oppose that, vote for an Ontario Liberal majority!